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12/31/20 3:12 PM

#111153 RE: fireballka7 #111151

A ton of items including all of the patents that BioAmber owned, the trade name, trademarks, the plant, page upon page of items in the APA. It’s like 100 some pages of item

Real McCoy

12/31/20 3:13 PM

#111154 RE: fireballka7 #111151

Everything of value per the extensive 6th report. But youre answering a question with a question. I’m asking what this “essential” garbage actually means because the best that can be produced here is a circle: they didn’t buy the components, however, the plant is running. Something in that is not correct.


12/31/20 3:46 PM

#111162 RE: fireballka7 #111151

Highly recommend everyone read through the 6th monitor's report for themselves. The list of items sold begins on page 77 and includes patents, trade names, trademarks, the plant, and everything that went with it.