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12/09/20 6:38 PM

#78 RE: Joelzee #77

Too far for me to travel. I didn't go. At least they are alive and on life support. Allegedly with a goal in mind. At least the investments in Nivaura and Wave Financial and PremFina seem to be going places.

Next year, most warrants expire worthless. Unless they do something in 2021. Hoping for a better year. They are supposed to be Blockchain and green technology, so I don't accept their excuses for resting on their laurels this year. Covid is not an excuse. Hoping they get a work ethic for 2021!


01/08/21 1:14 PM

#79 RE: Joelzee #77

Stock up 100% today. Can we see 5 cents? Can some momentum players take notice?

We have Nivaura and Wave Financial and IDE Labs as investments. We have dreams! We have blockchain ambitions.