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03/12/22 9:43 AM

#173910 RE: $Pistol Pete$ #171011

#DDAmanda Chart on: $LWLG Up 46% since Alert:

You can scan for these before they run.

What the Fact (Factor) Column is:

The Factor is a proprietary indicator used for scanning in #DDAmanda.

It's defined as Today's $Traded divided by the average daily $Traded (20 day avg).

SO, if a stock has say a 10 Factor that day, it means she traded 10 Times the $ she normally trades.

That's significant, and many times indicates that a run in the stock is coming.

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07/20/23 9:46 AM

#176801 RE: $Pistol Pete$ #171011

Get ready for BIG TURN around $MULN

Bollinger Motors, Majority-Owned by Mullen Automotive, Kicks off 'Design Validation' Pilot Builds