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07/12/21 12:16 AM

#268 RE: Primrose #263

Rushydro can get their $37.5 M = From Russia!

Rushydro poured 37.5 Million US dollars into the Upper Naryn Cascade hydropower plants from 2012 to 2016, and then Kyrgyzstan cancelled thier contract because they had made no progress at all. IICN had offered to pay the 37.5 M to Rushydro in 2017 if they parted with their 50% in the HPP. Then it became a stalemate, and Rushydro took it to international artbitration. Now, after about 3 years of ding-dong, ping-pong, Rushydro dropped the suit against Kyrgyzstan and the Russian Government has offered to lend Kyrgyzstan the 37.5 M via sovereign debt. Of course, this means that Rushydro will get their 37.5 M back from Russia (as Kyrgyzstan may never have that much money to pay back the loan. Either way, IICN is benefiting from all this, as they no longer have an obligation to pay Rushydro.

Russia offers Kyrgyzstan to transfer its $37.5 million debt to RusHydro to sovereign debt$37_5_million_debt_to_RusHydro_to_sovereign_debt/[/tag]