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05/16/20 6:08 PM

#1500 RE: Shackster13795 #1499

Spreading that on twitter might help us, but I’m not hearing anything inside- given all my prior sources are no longer employed by the company.

Some of the trading appeared to drive it up on small volume to dump several large lots.

But those lots were purchased too, so who knows...


05/22/20 2:24 PM

#1501 RE: Shackster13795 #1499

Shackster13795, that's interesting for me you have always been hopeful about the NVTRQ while there are lots of bad news about the stock such as fraud managers, and there is a chance every time they stop trading! This is good, I like it but It's really interesting where is the source of this hope! What did you see we didn't see! I hope! #Nuvectra_come_back