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04/14/20 5:02 PM

#7115 RE: gitreal #7021

So, I don't see headshot pics, and don't see this guy's name. What in the world are you talking about?


04/23/20 9:38 AM

#7340 RE: gitreal #7021

Haiiiiiii !!!
No good at all !!!


04/24/20 2:09 PM

#7381 RE: gitreal #7021

I could not find the people mentioned in the posting you're referring to on the company website.


09/08/20 7:45 PM

#18612 RE: gitreal #7021

Blonde guy? Is he chinese? This is a chinese company isnt it?


02/24/21 3:55 PM

#32785 RE: gitreal #7021

There is nobody by that name listed on the Asia Metals site.


02/25/21 11:07 PM

#33280 RE: gitreal #7021

Are you saying this is a scam?


04/14/21 2:18 AM

#40034 RE: gitreal #7021

This is old - can you please unpin ?


04/19/21 1:06 PM

#40530 RE: gitreal #7021

So what was this all about?

Asia Broadband Plans Legal Action Against Misleading Internet Posts
Press Release | 04/13/2021
LAS VEGAS, April 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via InvestorWire – Asia Broadband Inc. (OTC: AABB) (“AABB” or the “Company”) announced today that the Company is planning legal action against numerous misleading and defamatory Internet posts on various public platforms and websites over the past several months. A prime example today was an Internet post mimicking a press release referencing a Letter of Intent with New World Gold Corp. that was not authorized and not submitted by AABB’s management. Additionally, AABB has no association or affiliation with New World Gold Corp. or the website publisher.

“The entire AABB management team is determined to pursue the parties responsible for the misinformation and defamatory assaults aimed at the Company recently and going forward,” expressed AABB CEO James Gilbert.

I am taking an interest in DD on these particular stocks.

Poole & Shaffery LLP
Securities Counsel
25350 Magic Mountain Parkway
Santa Clarita, CA 91355
Asia Broadband, Inc. USA AABB
Fidelity Holding Corp. HKG FDHC
KS International Holdings Corporation TWN KSIH
Nascent Biotech Inc. USA NBIO
Sleepaid Hldg Co CHN SLPA

FDHC IS CONNECTED TO Silverbear Capital/Peter Chun.
Has his name surfaced?
Or Lowell Holden??


05/21/21 1:39 PM

#43036 RE: gitreal #7021

this post is so old. why don't you bring it up with current management. then decide to delete or keep it.


09/08/21 11:26 PM

#52386 RE: gitreal #7021

Hilarious. I've sort of stopped reading the "Info" section and the stickies. This is a slam dunk. What a scam. Wow. Just wow. There is no defense for such behavior. This scam is pathetically obvious.


01/01/22 9:05 AM

#62125 RE: gitreal #7021

AABB did not create fake management.

Asia metals is not Asia broadband Inc. (AABB). AABB is an American company.

Asia metals is a Chinese company, a subsidiary.

AABB has never used the photo nor the name jirong luo on any AABB websites, ...not ever!

Therefore the sticky is false, it is incorrect. It is in error!

Dough Theory

07/20/22 9:11 AM

#78034 RE: gitreal #7021

For most major producers of gold the cost of producing one ounce of gold is between $1000 to $1,200.
If major producers cost is $1000 to $1200 an ounce what would the cost be for a minor producer?
And this was in 2021, so I'm sure the cost would probably be much higher in 2022.


04/10/23 10:33 AM

#93492 RE: gitreal #7021

I wonder if Bryan Glass still has any role in this. Just realized he was also involved with CRGP. How well does he know the players here?


08/18/23 8:35 AM

#96595 RE: gitreal #7021

Terrible, really


12/05/23 8:29 PM

#99378 RE: gitreal #7021

Remember these lies you were spreading 3 years ago. Different day, same useless lies from you. Are you ready for jail? They have all they need on you. Benny suckered you in, and your ego didn't let you see it.