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03/23/20 8:33 AM

#1787 RE: Nagasdog #1786

I think they need something to start as product against coldness ideally an oignon productive farming bottled and watered without alcohol just a salt or sugar small glass and green ingredients

Because they have the G product as oignons areas to find
It is improving respiratory system and recovery after illnesses
Just ask the company g to use development in cultural promised zones
For examples zinc calcium and magnesium added to life control

And discovered are increased among care food as small quantities in small glass accompagnements
Notice the foie gras as therapeutic to eat less animals and alcool and much better quantities in oignons and sugar free and fruits inside small glasses and not heavy by three oignons glasses help to control appetites everywhere

So foie gras is good and small glass oignons also

Avocates and oil from another tree than olive can be in accommodation

Fish are not always healthy and good except selfish huîtres production with garlic and green lemon

Notice the green lemon is much better than the yellow because of his characteristics and also charismatic
The taste is as green not too many acid but in opposite perfect at least for me
I take a green lime each day and it is the best