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02/12/20 9:49 PM

#8020 RE: Shaark #8019

All pot stocks are hurting. Even the ones that make money. We definitely need to hear from management. I want to know what else they are working on, and how long the cash will last. If company is down to 4-5 employees again, we should make the Doctor CEO, and save some cash. All we need is her, and maybe a couple techs? What could Poss possibly be doing 40 hours a week that's company related? Why are we paying you John?

Above is a repost from Yahoo...

Adding to this.. Shareholders have to put a stop to the enrichment... it's never going to happen internally... but hey... all in the family... right?... criminals... I find it hard to believe that larger investors will wait for the trainwreck... what they are doing is so transparent...