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Big Brother

01/22/20 7:13 AM

#1315 RE: reader3 #1314

No position here but was looking into it a little bit yesterday. It looks like several of the Americans they list on their website come from this company, Sonenshine Partners, you could contact them to see if it is legit.

Main reason it sounds like they could be "inflating" is that they are already touting themselves as a "NASDAQ" listed company, on their website and in some of their PR's this year.....under the ticker symbol KICK. KICK is not NASDAQ, it's is a long, defunct/dark OTC ticker, that had a name change in 2016, name change was HPN Holdings, Inc but no additional filings.

If this is them, they also did a 100:1 r/s on what was a very tiny share structure already, 6.5M o/s, and now has 65K o/s.