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rich pearl

09/12/19 2:49 PM

#366 RE: fung_derf #365

ahem... just to note the ones i mentioned -- there were other winners, as well as a few losers. my win percentage is pretty good -- i had LCTZ @ .004, CNHC @ .0015, NHPI @ .0001, FTEG @ .0002 and PCLI @ .0002. had to wait a few years, but...

bear in mind, i'm not a big player. none of those stocks had more than $250 in them, and the returns were all in the thousands. come to thunk on it, this year i bought SOLI @ .003, and silly me... i already took bo que bucks on it. am i missing something here?

so, uh, um, yeah... when exactly did you school me? i remember bantering with you, and i know how you feel about playing in the squared circle amidst all that brouhaha, but i've managed to survive with more than my dignity in tact, and i don't recall you convincing me of something only a fool wouldn't recognize. its certainly risky, but... perhaps you were thinking of that Hornblower fellow. he was at sea. i'm more of a blue skies guy.

oh, and... pray tell: what were you doing snooping around on Big Bro's board? is there a story in it for me to mangle? or should i just grind my mango to a pulp? decisions, decisions. there are always decisions to make. if only i knew what to do.