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08/16/19 1:51 PM

#3679 RE: PokerStar #3677

Right on Poker! Mods, can you sticky his post? TIA


08/16/19 2:24 PM

#3682 RE: PokerStar #3677


LOW float 16 million
RUmor going MJ


Right on the money Cad with that statement. Let's just look at the facts we have today.......and this is NOT a pump. Buy or add more based on the information we have or move along.....lots of other stocks to chose from, but I think this has the potential to be a life changer, IMO. 

- 125 million sharesoutstanding with roughly 87 million shares held by insiders and 71 million of those held by our CEO, Bob Rakow 

- Tiny 16 million float that is pretty much locked down 
- 150 million A/S 
- Zero debt on the books 
- Company apparently looking to tap into the Multi-Billion 
dollar MJ sector
- When original filings were posted, this went from a dormant 
ticker that was sub penny to .0645 within a week 
- We are way oversold and due for a big bounce 
- News could drop at any moment as CEO has been telling 
investors that they are working hard 
- Anyone here from the beginning has witnessed how fast 
this moves when we have volume and buying pressure
- MMs have manipulated and shorted this stock IMO and has killed 
the stock price 
- Once we get renewed buying and volume, this should get a big
bump in price per share 
- Patience here is the biggest thing needed that will send this 
north and fast. 
- I have my ticket and dry powder just waiting for news to drop 

Good luck fellow longs.......our time is near and we will all be greatly rewarded with our investment in this burgeoning company.