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08/05/19 4:40 PM

#11048 RE: xanadu #11047

xanadu Thank You Ole Brookfield will go down in the "Success" 'Hall of Fame' in how they turned NAP into the great business mining model ever.

Many of us here, after being hurt badly losing our .30 PAL shares right before Brookfield stepped in. Added to PALDF what was left when the company started showing signs of emerging again.

buying back in low 4 to 7s

They were all rewarded handsomely , I was one of them.:)

I'm too old to even think about 10 years out but one of these days a Major miner will M/A this some way, shape or form and we will lose that "F"

And Brookfield will win again on the sale

By getting their original investment back and making millions then after the sale millions more.

We are witnessing greatness here, In mining and Model

Many hubbers still play the dollar here, depends on how much powder they have.