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08/18/19 5:39 PM

#90679 RE: Value_Investor #90677

In it, to win it@ $CWNR
Spread the word!@
Big time $CWNR low float

DD for $CWNR
Yep longs in it are buying cheapies. Some are saying NEWS in Sept. The CEO is very legal. No inside info.
He no longer responds to email. Good thing building company@
One long proved there is no Dilution ( aka Pokerstar)

Just go on the $CWNR ihub and read the stickies.


too busy to answer emails.
GOOD SIGN swamped@@!

He is all secretive which is good.
All papers have been signed
And now they are proven a Good pink.

Also CEO Bob Rakow goes on LinkedIn
and post to richard branson( everyone follows).
Anyhow he posted about
a month ago..
Stating # I am 2 months early but keep a seat open next to you for your paradise trip.#

Also he liked an article on CANNABIS hint He will probably go into the MJ market with his Newly clean $CWNR( I am feeling ticker and name chg)

Below are proof no dilution

Below on CANNABIS hint

More DD @!

Just go on the $CWNR ihub and read the stickies