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Big Brother

04/16/19 10:28 AM

#362 RE: rich pearl #360

In hindsight I probably would not have bought, if I had known it was non-DTC eligible, and they had no intentions of becoming DTC eligible, as I think it will probably take some significant volume to move it.....and being non-DTC eligible hinders that IMO. Anytime you take TDA out of the equation, your losing a hell of a lot of potential investors.

It would certainly help if the DTC provided us with a master list of eligible tickers, but that's too much to

In addition, I did not know that the recapitalization was done @ just .10!, which was a bit surprising, and disappointing, however, no sense in selling now, too deep in the red, just gonna wait it out see what happens. Been many times I thought a ticker would never do anything, and sure enough proves me wrong and goes on a big


09/12/19 12:41 PM

#363 RE: rich pearl #360

I expected more from you, and I expected more from me in expecting more from you.