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04/15/19 1:37 PM

#68 RE: SecretMillionaire #67

I own 16,000 shares of PHUN through Fineqia.

I own these shares indirectly through my 2M-share position on Fineqia which is only cost me 1 cent *at this time*.

I could choose to buy another 1,000 shares in premarket right now of PHUN for $10,000. But for the same money, I could buy fractional ownership of 16,000 shares of PHUN by buying 1M shares of Fineqia.

But that's not all! Fineqia also owns 16,000 warrants, with the right to buy at a much lower price than the exercise price of the publicly traded PHUNW warrants. This is a fact. And, that's not all! Fineqia also owns rights to PHUNCoin. All that for 1 cent.

Why pay $10 for one common here when I could have fractional ownership of the common, better warrants, and phuncoin for a penny?

Well, because it's a penny stock you might say. However, their team actually has more experience than this great experience at PHUN. Their Chairman, in fact, is Chairman of the Oracle Group. Their CEO is also the founder and CEO of Premfina, an established distrupter in the insurance industry. You can look at them up.

It turns out that Fineqia ALSO has investments in PremFina. And they also have investments in Nivaura. You can google all these names and be amazed. So you get PHUN and all these other bonuses for a fraction of the cost of PHUN.

PHUN is on the Nasdaq, but it seems like in some ways the CSE has more credibility in this case with all the deregulation surrounding SPAC's. For one, the CSE requires all companies maintain minimum capital requirements. It's not so easy to be on the CSE, yet that's where Fineqia has been approved to trade. It's also been much less volatile; albeit at ground zero. But that means no place to fall and only upside.


Will Fineqia be 2 cents before PHUN is $20? And does it matter which one gets there first, even though it seems more likely that Fineqia would? Because with Fineqia, you get PHUN and much more. With PHUN you just get PHUN. At a premium price.

Well, that's just me. I do have this knack for truth. I know it's offensive to some, but it's a serious question. It's an alternative way to invest in PHUN.