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11/21/18 2:12 PM

#5309 RE: PennyHoper #5308

In CT and NY, certain parkways (at certain times) do become parking lots.
You mean like the Belt Parkinglot? lol

I don't use this ihub tool so I can't really tell you but I would ask them -
Not sure how the heck it would know what trades come from a cash account vs a margin account.

Eli's Gone

11/21/18 5:48 PM

#5310 RE: PennyHoper #5308

re: "cash trade"...nothing to do with cash or margin account-rather it pertains to a settlement modifier assigned to the trade when reported---it stands for "same day settlement"...

(B) Settlement Modifiers
If a transaction is to be settled other than the regular way, report the settlement terms by selecting the appropriate modifier. If the parties agree to settlement on the same day the transaction is executed (i.e., cash settlement), select the modifier, ".c."

follow this past thread here forward for a bit more color...