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08/22/18 8:28 AM

#30140 RE: benchmark2 #30139

R/S ?? Lol that’s why he went current , the truth shall set you free


08/22/18 9:15 AM

#30141 RE: benchmark2 #30139

LOL Arthur is so full of shit.

The entire, current market cap of the company is $400,000. If a large investor owns 5% of the float, his stock has a current market value range of between $20,000 and $40,000 If the shareholder remains a holder of record in DCAC, he will be included in the spin-off of Payless Truckers, Inc. and given a multiple of his investment. In other words, his current stock position in DCAC will give him an allotment of shares in the subsidiary worth between $100,000 - $200,000. A maximum value of $2 Million of equity value in Payless is being allotted to the current shareholder base that remain holders at the time we file the S-1 Registration.


08/22/18 9:18 AM

#30142 RE: benchmark2 #30139

And shareholders are just supposed to take his word for this?

Payless is making a lot of money and will continue to do so.

If I recall, no one has been able to find this company. And I don't recall hearing how Arthur was able to acquire it. Seeing how he has no means to do so and all.


08/22/18 9:19 AM

#30143 RE: benchmark2 #30139

No, Arthur. This is a problem all empty tickers face. You have no company.

A reverse split is necessary at this time, a sizeable one. All options are being considered. At these price levels no long- term financing source will fund the company and many brokerage houses will not accept stock priced this low. This is a dilemma that all tiny companies face