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10/20/06 1:03 AM

#414 RE: mick #413

Ever seen this stat?

Number of Pink Sheets companies moved to the New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq or American Stock Exchange:
2000 8
2001 19
2002 11
2003 10
2004 14
2005 8
Sources: Pink Sheets

Considering the thousands of stocks that are pink, that's a very small number. It's tough to pick one, but if you do bragging rights are in order.

BTW - we just had our first success....HLSH and it's guru is now in the Sanctuary.

For anyone that thinks they can do's the process.

Step 1.

TF2s Draft Picks

Step 2.

The Transparent Flamingo 2

Step 3.

TF 2 Alum's - The Guru's and their Birds

Simple, huh?