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04/07/18 3:07 PM

#18628 RE: rrojarom #18627

The company entered into a settlement agreement with Northbridge Financial to restructure the company debt through a 3(a)10 lawsuit that was filed by Northbridge, in which Northbridge received stock in exchange for the debt. The $810,000 debt was incurred as a result of the acquisition of United Ambulance, LLC.

The company mutually terminated its 3(a)10 settlement agreement with Northbridge Financial and entered into a settlement with CF3 Enterprises, LLC a New York private equity firm that acquired the company’s total outstanding debt of $1,455,000 through a 3(a)10 settlement.

janice shell

04/07/18 4:00 PM

#18630 RE: rrojarom #18627

Wasn’t CF3 to buy out Northbridge debt of over $800k hence why CF3 was $1.4mil? Didn’t he state specifically they were done with them?

That certainly seemed to be what they were saying earlier. Guess it wasn't true.