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01/08/18 2:31 PM

#90649 RE: MaxPowerLove$Ihub #90645

$PPPMF Primero Mining on on Twitter
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12/21/19 2:49 PM

#90683 RE: MaxPowerLove$Ihub #90645

ACTL: The Cheapest 0.0001-Bottom stock! Mere $69K Market Value! 300M ~ 350M shares FIXED Tiny float! At the joke low 0.0002 now! The recent high was 0.0012!

To match the same market value with its peer LEAS (with 752M shares OS but it soared 38-Bagger to 0.0094 from the Same Bottom 0.0001), ACTL will hit a New 52-week high $0.0101 which is 101 Times of its current Bottom price!