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10/05/17 10:11 PM

#85825 RE: Thor Von Thorson #85824

that pic is awesome of the game.

Gotham Bay Group

10/05/17 10:24 PM

#85826 RE: Thor Von Thorson #85824

While I tend to agree with you here it was the first time I could find any common ground with BS.

So in the spirit of fairness I thought I would throw out a complement.

Lots of people here crying about the CEO, like they could do better, so I just didn't touch that part.

Bury the hatchet kind of thing.

OTTV is the only play in OTC I am loading up on right now. Easy money here.


10/06/17 8:28 AM

#85864 RE: Thor Von Thorson #85824

You seriously don't want to get me started here! I have links and tweets from the last several months not from my mouth but someone else. Should I lay it all back out for you to get the picture of why it is at this level??


10/06/17 8:54 AM

#85873 RE: Thor Von Thorson #85824

Good call Thor