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07/28/17 11:56 AM

#44189 RE: Specialized #44188

Nobody will talk. Even Craig Peters after he quit wouldn't talk. Roy always seems to leave the fear of God in people when they leave.

Straub wanted to go public with newob so I think the beer side will go to him. The new grattitude folks don't want beer. Straub kept roys fingers out of the til and filings up to date in the beginning so I think if they are getting current soon Straub has something to do with it.

Money is no issue. They all live in Palm Beach. Money comes out of the gold faucets there. oy vey


08/03/17 1:01 PM

#44194 RE: Specialized #44188

Why would a new company and new investors want to take on the bad debt and baggage of ATTD?.

I smell another stinky toilet with no plumbing!