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09/26/06 12:22 PM

#1029 RE: Options2Wealth #1028


If you're still reading this board, may want to check out ATWT. This is a pinkie (reportedly incorporated that way, not downsized to a pinkie) that had a s/h meeting in Memphis this past Saturday (s/h mtg. = unusual for a pinkie?).

Two posts below give some basic insight. If interested further, web address is

IHUB posters of note = the 2 below (stevo51 & Scooter1), vlftraders and dmondial. Plenty more but these will give you the basics.

Current market cap = 750M shares o/s x .006/.0065 = <$5M.

Good luck to you in your new business endeavor.


10/18/07 9:42 PM

#1036 RE: Options2Wealth #1028

how is the new business working out for ya?