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01/31/17 10:47 AM

#284876 RE: hutschi #284872

Thanks, hutschi...far better transcript than my attempt....same inaudibles.


01/31/17 11:00 AM

#284881 RE: hutschi #284872

hutschi, thanks. As a PPHM investor these are the only two to keep in mind.

JOAQUIN DUATO, DIRECTOR, JOHNSON AND JOHNSON: Joaquin Duato, director, Johnson and Johnson, current chair of the PhRMA Association, representing a company that employs (inaudible) about 50,000 people in the U.S., most of them in manufacturing (inaudible) one of the largest investments in R&D.

TRUMP: OK. Thank you.

Johnson & Johnson -- good company.


KEN FRAZIER, CEO, MERCK: And I'm Ken Frazier. I'm chairman and CEO of Merck. We've been in this country for 125 years. We employ about 23,000 American employees. We invest about $7.5 billion a year in R&D, almost all in the United States of America. And we have tremendous numbers of high-paying, high-skilled jobs, including manufacturing jobs in the United States. And in fact, we're bringing manufacturing back for our cancer drug. You may have heard that we have an immuno-oncology drug that stimulates the immune system to control different cancers. We're bringing those jobs here, Mr. President.

TRUMP: That's very good. Thank you. Thank you very much. That's really fantastic.


01/31/17 1:17 PM

#284890 RE: hutschi #284872

Interesting remarks re: " for the people ...". ...wonder what has been declassified that makes President Trump mention this...

Peregrine can announce a deal soon ...hopefully.