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maverick one

09/08/15 12:15 PM

#12 RE: Timothy Smith #11

Central bank efforts shoring up their own currency and it took some time for the RUB and Western sanctions to correlate.

It could rise and fall some more.

The Chinese $400 Bill deal is a pipe dream and a smokestack PR laying down way to much BS.

In long run by being photographed Xi and Putin together and making so much of something that will never occur will only make them look dumber than they already are.

It was nothing more than a photo op. Two wannabes trying to be somebodies is way I look at it.

If China is so big and bad then why have they devalued their currency? They've been running their mouths off for 8 years in how the world should add Yuan to reserve currency status. This latest move shows they are unstable as we always knew.

They just set their country back 20+ years in how the world views them. Intervening in their stock market crash is another example of how 3rd world they are.

They have bubbles in their stock market, real estate market and they overpaid for oil and gas assets around the globe over the last 10 years in their stupid binge buying. Just like the Japs did in the 80's now look at them as well.

China may have over 1 billion+ people but their govt is communist and their form of capitalism inside communism bubble just proved to not work.

Their markets are not internally developed with respect to penetration and development. They are 50 years behind us to that regard for consumption. They are an export driven country and that's been hurting them for over 8 years since the meltdown shoved US consumers under the table.

Don't believe what I say? Take a look at the ghost factories on the coastline of china that have been mothballed because the workers finally said enough and started striking 6 years ago for higher wages. So the Chinese govt made rail lines into the interior of China where they are now exploiting the last bastions of cheap labor with peasants. When they rebel in the next 10+ years what will be chinas play then? That's why china has lost it's edge and more companies are coming back to US and leaving China to manufacture their goods here. It's a trickle but nonetheless does not get mainstream US media attention.