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09/03/14 10:36 PM

#11 RE: Renee #2

Courtesy of Arthur PVSP is added to the Delinquent SEC Filers list.


09/04/14 9:51 AM

#15 RE: Renee #2

From the list 6 SEC Suspensions: AKRK, BOCX, CWBYF, CRTCF, GAIMF, GTVCF, PEPR SEC Suspension:


Admin Proceeding:


09/15/14 10:00 AM

#22 RE: Renee #2

5 more stocks Suspended from the list of Delinquent SEC Filers:



Admin Proceeding:


09/15/14 10:03 AM

#23 RE: Renee #2

4 more stocks Suspended from the list of Delinquent SEC Filers:



Admin Proceeding:


09/18/14 9:45 AM

#25 RE: Renee #2

Two more from the Delinquent SEC Filers list suspended for financials delinquencies.



Admin Proceeding:


10/24/14 10:03 AM

#39 RE: Renee #2

From the list: ENSL revoked: (Note: No SEC Suspension or posted Admin Proceeding)


10/24/14 10:04 AM

#40 RE: Renee #2

From the list: IAGI revoked. (note: no SEC Suspension or posted Admin Proceeding)


12/19/14 11:20 AM

#43 RE: Renee #2

Revoked stock registrations from the list: CRTCF, GTVCF, PEPR, BOCX, AKRK, MZBY, BSKS, AADG, PWRM, MTBR, AGRT:


02/09/15 8:39 AM

#44 RE: Renee #2

Delinquent Financials by SEC Registrant Issuers at risk of SEC Suspension: *** All dates are for the last posting date for Financials for an earlier quarter or year-end reporting date.

AAGC All American Gold Corp. 2013-08-06
AAIR Avantair, Inc. 2013-06-13
AAST Allied American Steel Corp. 2013-08-19
ACCA Acacia Diversified Holdings, Inc. 2013-11-19
ACCS African Copper Corp. / fka New York Tutor Co. 2013-03-15
ADLS Advanced Life Sciences Holdings Inc. 2011-03-24
ADNY Adino Energy Corp. 2013-04-19
AEEI American Environmental Energy, Inc. 2003-05-14
AGRS Agristar Inc. 1997-04-19
AFYG Affinity Gold Corp. 2009-12-15
AGMC Agent155 Media Corp. 2011-11-21
AHFP American Home Food Products, Inc. 2013-10-03
AITG Air Transport Group Holdings, Inc. 2009-10-15
AIVI Aivtech International Group Co. 2011-11-14
ALME Alamo Energy 2013-03-25
AMGY American Metal & Technology, Inc. 2010-11-17
AMLM American Lithium Minerals, Inc. 2011-10-03
AMNP American Sierra Gold Corp. 2013-11-13
ANDN Andain Inc. 2013-09-13
APIT Aspire International, Inc. 2011-015
AQUM Urban Ag Corp. 2013-11-19
ARWD Arrow Resources Development, Inc. 2013-11-09
ASEN American Standard Energy Corp. 2013-08-13
ASFX American Scientific Resources 2011-11-21
ATAR Avatar Ventures Corp. 2012-06-19
ATCH AirTouch Communications, Inc. 2012-11-14
ATCI Anticus International Corp. 2011-05-23
ATIW ATI Networks 1998-11-16
ATPT All State Properties Holdings, Inc. 2011-05-23
AWNE Americas Wind Energy 2012-06-19
AZRH Azure Holding Group 2013-12-23

BICB BioCube, Inc. 2013-09-25
BFMC B4MC Gold Mines Inc. 2013-11-29
BGEM Blue Gem Enterprises 2010-05-31
BHRG Bahamas Concierge Inc. 2013-12-23
BJCT Bioject Medical Technologies Inc. 2011-11-10
BLAK Black Sea Metals, Inc. 2012-06-23
BLFR BlueFire Equipment Corp. 2013-11-12
BLUF Bluforest, Inc. 2013-02-12
BMSPF Biomass Secure Power Inc. 2012-04-17
BONZ Bonanza Goldfields 2013-11-14
BRND Premier Brands Inc. 2013-08-08
BROE Baron Energy 2012-08-13
BRPNF Bravo Resources Partners 2012-02-09

CAST Chinacast Education Corp. 2012-02-24
CATA Catalyst Resource Group, Inc. 2012-08-24
CBLRF Campbell Resources 2009-03-20
CCTR China Crescent Enterprises, Inc. 2011-08-22
CDBH China Domestica Bio-technology Holdings, Inc. 2013-08-23
CDBT China Dasheng Biotech 2009-05-14
CEII China Education International Inc. 2013-03-06
CGDI China Growth Development, Inc. 2009-11-18
CGFI Colorado Goldfields Inc. 2014-01-31
CGHA Ciralight Global, Inc. 2013-11-13
CGLO China Global Media 2013-08-19
CGMX Cigma Metals 2012-11-29
CHBU China Agri-Business, Inc. 2011-11-21
CHDP China Daqing M&H Petroleum, Inc. 2011-08-12
CHLO China Logistics Group, Inc. 2014-01-28
CHNC China Infrastructure Construction Corp. 2012-04-20
CHPI China Printing & Packaging, Inc. 2012-08-20
CHRI China Health Resource, Inc. 2013-12-30
CHRN China Huaren Organic Products, Inc. 2009-11-20
CHWG China Water Group 2012-12-14
CLKZ Clicker, Inc. 2013-04-22
CMKM China Marketing Media Holdings Inc. 2012-11-14
CMPS Comp Services Inc. 2013-09-23
CNCN Cintel Corp. 2011-11-21
CNTO Centor Energy Inc. 2014-02-20
CPXP Coupon Express, Inc. 2013-06-19
CRGE Clenergen Corp. 2011-10-20
CRPZ Convenience TV Inc. 2012-11-19
CRWD C2C CrowdFunding Inc. 2013-01-17
CSCE Cascade Energy, Inc. 2007-01-022
CSDT Cascade Technologies Corp. 2013-03-25
CSOC Caduceus Software Systems Corp. 2013-03-06
CSWG Sen Yu International Holdings, Inc. 2012-05-21
CUAU Casablanca Mining Ltd. 2013-06-13
CXLL Chatter Box Call Center Ltd. 2012-03-23
CYIP China Yili Petroleum Co. 2012-09-12
CYLO Cyclon Capital Corp. 2009-03-23
CYNX CelLynx Group, Inc. 2013-11-05
CYPE Century Petroleum Corp. 2009-03-23

DANR Dana Resources 2010-02-22
DCGD Discovery Gold Corp. 2013-03-11
DECN Decision Diagnostics Corp. 2013-11-15
DENG Delta Entertainment Group, Inc. 2012-11-19
DEWM Dewmar International BMC Inc. 2013-11-14
DFNS Defense Industries International 2011-11-21
DGRI Dutch Gold Resources, Inc. 2012-11-21
DGWIY Duoyuan Global Water 2012-10-15
DLII Dixie Lee International Industries, Inc. 2005-08-17
DOGO Digagogo Ventures Corp. 2011-11-29
DRGZ Dynamic Response Group, Inc. 2009-11-16
DRSV Debt Resolve, Inc. 2013-05-03
DYER Fifth Season International, Inc. 2012-12-03
DYNV Dynamic Ventures Corp. 2012-09-07

EARH Earth Dragon Resources 2012-10-03
ECCO E C Consulting International, Inc. 2013-12-03
ECDI EC Development, Inc. 2012-11-14
ECMH Encompass Holdings 2010-01-29
ECTH ecoTECH Energy Group, Inc. 2012-08-27
ECMZ EcoEmissions Solutions, Inc. 2011-05-31
EDNE Eden Energy Corp. 2012-08-21
EFIR EGPI Firecreek, Inc. 2013-08-16
EIHC Environmental Infrastructure Holdings Corp. 2013-03-13
ELEV Elevate, Inc. 2012-04-24
ELGO Enterologics Inc. 2013-11-26
ENCB Encore Brands Inc. 2011-02-14
ERIP Energiz Renewable Inc. 2011-11-28
ESRI Eastern Resources, Inc. 2013-11-14
ETEK Eastern Resources, Inc. 2013-11-14
EVCA Evcarco, Inc. 2012-12-18
EVTP EV Transportation, Inc. 2008-12-22
EXAD Experience Art and Design, Inc. 2013-11-18
EXRG Ecologix Resource 2010-11-22
EYII EYI Industries 2007-11-14

FASC First American Scientific Corp. 2012-05-21
FCPG First China Pharmaceutical Group, Inc. 2012-11-19
FCTOA FACT Corp. 2011-11-21
FEGR Friendly Energy Exploration 2013-04-19
FEWP Far East Wind Power Corp. 2012-02-22
FHAI Fountain Healthy Aging, Inc. 2009-11-23
FRGY Frontier Energy Corp. 2010-08-03
FSTC First Corp 2013-02-14

GBGLF Great Basin Gold 2013-05-23
GBOE Geobio Energy 2013-08-19
GCHT GC China Turbine Corp. 2011-11-21
GCLL GreenCell, Inc. 2012-02-21
GENM Genmed Holding Corp. 2013-04-16
GENX Genex Pharmaceutical 2008-05-23
GHML Gold Hills Mining Ltd 2013-05-15
GIMU Global Immune Technologies Inc. 2013-11-19
GLFE Gulf United Energy 2012-11-19
GMEI Gambit Energy, Inc. 2011-09-19
GNBA Groen Brothers Aviation Inc. 2012-10-15
GRNO Green Oasis Environmental Inc. 2010-06-12
GROV GroveWare Technologies, Ltd. 2013-05-20
GSAG Global Security Agency, Inc. 2012-11-14
GSPH Geospatial Corp. 2010-11-15
GSTY Green St. Energy, Inc. 2009-11-20
GTCP Georgetown Corp 2012-08-15

HBPE HBP Energy Corp. 2013-08-27
HGII Lansdowne Security, Inc. 2011-11-11
HEVI Heavy Earth Resources Inc. 2013-12-16
HHGM Huiheng Medical 2012-04-24
HIDC Harbor Island Development Corp 2013-09-16
HLPN Helpeo, Inc. 2013-04-30
HMNC Hondo Minerals 2013-11-13
HNIN Horne International, Inc. 2013-11-14
HNTM HuntMountain Resources 2011-07-26
HSTH HS3 Technologies, Inc. 2012-02-10
HVAY Havaya Corp 2013-08-19
HYII All Grade Mining, Inc. 2013-11-19
HZNB Horizon Bancorporation, Inc. 2011-05-16

IACH Information Architects Corp. 2012-11-19
IAGM Interamerican Gaming Inc. 2013-11-07
IAUS International Automated Systems 2011-05-13
IBII Island Breeze International Inc. 2012-11-16
IEAG Iron Eagle Group, Inc. 2012-08-23
IFCR Integrated Freight Corp. 2013-06-25
IGNI Igenii, Inc. 2013-01-24
ILUS Ilustrato Pictures International, Inc. 2013-04-15
INKN Shrink Nanotechnologies, Inc. 2013-05-20
INLC Inelco Corp. 2013-08-09
INNI Innovaro Inc. 2014-03-12
INVA Inova Technology Inc. 2013-09-16
IPMN Imperial Petroleum, Inc. 2012-06-14
IVOB INVO Bioscience, Inc. 2011-11-21

JUNP Juniper Group Inc. 2011-08-22
JSHG Joshua Gold Resources Inc. 2013-11-14

KABX Kabe Exploration, Inc. 2013-11-20
KALG Kal Energy Inc. 2009-05-08
KDKN Kodiak Energy, Inc. 2001-11-14
KENS Kenilworth Systems 2011-09-14
KLXC Kalex Corp. 2013-06-21

LAXAF Laxai Pharma 2010-11-19
LCMD Life Care Medical Devices, Ltd. 2013-06-28
LGHS Longhai Steel, Inc. 2012-11-14
LOCN Locan, Inc. 2013-03-08
LOVI One2One Living Corp. 2013-11-19
LSTG Lone Star Gold, Inc. 2013-11-19
LTLM Lateral Media, Inc. 2010-02-17
LTSN LTS Nutraceuticals, Inc. 2011-11-14
LUSI Louisiana Food Co. 2012-05-11
LUVE Luve Sports Inc. 2013-09-16
LUXR Luxeyard, Inc. 2012-11-19

MANY Plures Technologies, Inc. 2013-11-25
MAXE Maxwell Resources Inc. 2014-03-03
MBCI MabCure, Inc. 2012-04-16
MCLN MedClean Technologies, Inc. 2012-11-14
MCMV MicroSmart Devices, Inc. 2012-11-21
MCTH Medical Connections Holdings, Inc. 2012-08-14
MDTV MDU Communications International, Inc. 2013-08-13
MFTH Medisafe 1 Technologies Corp. 2013-07-12
MGNU Magnus International Resources Inc. 2013-06-28
MIGA Migami, Inc. 2007-05-18
MJDS MOJO Data Solutions Inc. 2014-01-10
MKRO Monkey Rock Group, Inc. 2012-02-08
MMED Midas Medici Group Holdings, Inc. 2012-11-14
MMEX Management Energy, Inc. 2013-03-18
MNBT Mountain National Bancshares, Inc. 2013-01-31
MPSP MedPro Safety Products, Inc. 2013-11-13
MRPI Mera Pharmaceuticals Inc. 2013-06-23
MSSD Massive Dynamics, Inc. 2013-08-22
MSTG Mustang Alliances, Inc. 2013-11-25
MTRE Market & Research Corp. 2010-08-16
MTRO Metro One Development, Inc. 2011-01-14
MTSXY Metal Storm Ltd. 2012-06-28
MXOM Pan American Goldfields Ltd. 2014-01-21
MXOP Maxray Optical Technology Co., Ltd. 2011-03-18
MYCT MyContactCard, Inc. 2009-11-23
MYNG Golden Eagle International Inc. 2013-11-14

NANI Neologic Animation, Inc. 2014-01-17
NECA New America Energy Corp. 2013-07-15
NEGS NX Global, Inc. 2012-02-21
NEIK Northstar Electronics 2012-05-21
NERO Neuromama, Ltd. 2014-01-17
NFRX InferX Corp. 2013-08-15
NGSX NeurogesX, Inc. 2012-11-14
NILA Nilam Resources Inc. 2012-12-14
NLEF New Leaf Brands, Inc. 2013-06-27
NRGT Energy Today, Inc. 2013-05-20
NSRS North Springs Resources Corp. 2012-03-22
NTLNF Northcore Technologies Inc. 2013-11-15
NWCI Newcardio, Inc. 2011-11-14
NWMT NewMarket Technology 2011-08-01

OKRG Oakridge Holdings Inc. 2013-12-19
OLDW, Inc. 2011-11-14
OMVE Omni Ventures, Inc. 2012-08-14
OOGI C2E Energy, Inc. 2010-05-24
OPEI Orient Petroleum and Energy, Inc. 2011-02-14
OPHI Organic Plant Health, Inc. 2013-04-15
OPMG Options Media Group Holdings, Inc. 2012-11-19
ORAC Oraco Resources, Inc. 2012-11-19

PABL Parabel Inc. 2013-11-14
PAOS Precision Aerospace Components, Inc. 2013-11-14
PBEC Pacific Blue Energy Corp. 2011-08-22
PCYS PrimeCare Systems, Inc. 2011-05-23
PDKI PDK Energy, Inc. 2013-07-03
PDOS Platinum Studios Inc. 2011-11-17
PFSF Pacific Software Inc. 2013-08-14
PIED Piedmont Mining Company 2011-12-23
PIEX Pioneer Exploration, Inc. 2013-07-30
PMOZ PrismOne Group, Inc. 2011-11-14
PNRC Premier Energy Corp. 2010-12-22
POTG Portage Resources Inc. 2012-10-15
PPRW Premier Power Renewable Energy, Inc. 2012-11-19
PRVW Peer Review Mediation & Arbitration Inc. 2012-11-20
PTEL Pegasus Tel, Inc. 2013-04-16
PVRS Providence Resources Inc. 2013-05-20
PVTA Preventia, Inc. 2013-01-24
PWNX PowerLinx Inc. 2007-12-26
PYHH PhyHealth Corp. 2012-08-30

QATSF Quantitative Alpha Trading Inc. 2012-10-05
QUTR Quture International, Inc. 2013-03-22

RBOR Rebornne USA Inc. 2012-03-22
RBYC Ruby Creek Resources, Inc. 2012-07-27
RCKE Rock Energy Resources, Inc. 2012-11-20
RCLL RegenoCell Therapeutics, Inc. 2012-05-25
RDSH Roadships Holdings, Inc. 2013-05-31
RGLG UHF Logistics Group, Inc. 2011-01-19
RHSC Robertson Global Health Solutions Corp. 2013-01-15
RIIC Royal Invest International Corp. 2010-11-22
RNRG Revonergy Inc. 2012-01-13
RPBC Redpoint Bio Corp. 2012-09-10
RPID Spot Mobile International Ltd. 2012-03-21
RPHL Rockport Healthcare Group 2008-06-13
RVNG Raven Gold Corp. 2011-03-14
RXMD Progressive Care, Inc. 2013-04-01

SAFC SafeCode Drug Technologies Corp. 2013-08-13
SAGA Saga Energy Inc. 2013-11-12
SALTF First Potash Corp. 2013-01-09
SBNK Sonoma Valley Bancorp 2010-08-13
SEFE SEFE, Inc. 2012-12-13
SEVT Summit Environmental 2007-05-10
SFPI Santa Fe Petroleum, Inc. 2013-11-18
SGMG Spectre Gaming Inc. 2007-05-30
SGUI Sanguine Corp. 2012-11-14
SHGP Sharpe Resource Corp. 2012-04-30
SHMX Shamika 2 Gold, Inc. 2014-02-19
SIBN Siberian Energy Group, Inc. 2012-09-12
SIRG Sierra Resource Group Inc. 2013-11-19
SKAX Strike Axe, Inc. 2012-10-15
SLCM Silicon Mountain Holdings, Inc. 2009-08-19
SLGLF Silverado Gold Mines Ltd. 2012-12-11
SLMU Salamon Group, Inc. 2012-09-07
SLVA Silvan Industries, Inc. 2012-04-16
SMXMF Samex Mining Corp. 2013-09-06
SNWR Sanwire Corp. 2013-11-14
SOIS Striker Oil & Gas 2008-11-19
SOLS Sollensys Corp. 2013-03-12
SOFN SoftNet Technology Corp. 2008-11-14
SPBU Spare Backup, Inc. 2013-08-23
SPHT Secure Path Technology Holdings, Inc. 2010-05-28
SPXA SpectrumDNA, Inc. 2013-02-20
SRFDF Starfield Resources Inc. 2013-06-02
SRRL Stellar Resources, Ltd. 2012-03-22
STIV StarInvest Group Inc. 2011-06-01
STNT Stevia Nutra Corp. 2013-03-22
STRZ Star Buffet Inc. 2013-11-08
SUUB Sub-Urban Brands, Inc. 2007-08-07
SVMT SensiVida Medical Technologies, Inc. 2011-06-20
SWRI Seawright Holdings 2012-09-11
SYNG Synergetics, Inc. 2013-01-09
SYUP Shanghai Yutong Pharma 2006-11-14
SYYC SYDYS Corp. 2013-02-04

TAEC Todays Alternative Energy Corp. 2012-12-10
TAON TAO Minerals Ltd. 2012-02-15
TCGD TraceGuard Technologies, Inc. 2008-11-19
TCHL Techlabs Inc. 2007-05-21
TEXX Emperial Americas, Inc. 2012-09-14
THWI Thwapr, Inc. 2012-06-01
TITAF Titan Trading Analytics Inc. 2013-08-06
TLPH Teliphone Corp. 2013-09-10
TNGS Titan Oil & Gas, Inc. 2013-07-15
TRAB TheraBiogen Inc. 2012-07-23
TRBX TRB Systems International Inc. 2011-05-20
TSNI TechniScan, Inc. 2011-03-25
TSOI Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. 2013-11-12
TSOR Tresoro Mining Corp. 2013-01-18
TTTM T3 Motion Inc. 2013-11-19

UMAX Umax Group Corp. 2013-12-24
UPRD Upward Technology Corp. 2002-04-15

VDDA Vadda Energy Corp. 2013-11-13
VEII Voyager Entertainment International, Inc. 2011-11-14
VMPT Vampt America, Inc. 2012-11-19
VNSN Vansen Pharma Inc. 2013-12-04
VPRO Viropro, Inc. 2012-08-07
VPWI Viper Powersports, Inc. 2013-12-12
VSMR Verify Smart Corp. 2013-03-05
VSRV Voiceserve, Inc. 2013-02-09
VTPI Vital Products, Inc. 2013-09-24

WCYN West Canyon Energy Corp. 2013-03-05
WGEI WindGen Energy Inc. 2012-11-16
WIEI Wonder International Education and Investment Group 2013-11-14
WILD Wild Craze, Inc. 2013-11-14
WLSI Wellstar International Inc. 2010-12-15
WMEG World Mortgage Exchange Group Inc. 2011-11-15
WNCH Winchester International Resorts, Inc. 2011-05-13
WNEA Wind Energy America Inc. 2010-10-12
WPTH Westport Energy Holdings, Inc. 2013-01-11
WSML White Smile Global, Inc. 2012-07-23
WTMK Whitemark Homes, Inc. 2012-11-13

XCRP Xcorporeal, Inc. 2011-04-20
XNGR Exergetic Energy, Inc. 2011-11-21

YSYB Yanglin Soybean, Inc. 2013-04-17
YUII Yuhe International Inc. 2011-05-16
YZSK Ya Zhu Silk, Inc. 2012-12-17

ZMDC USA Zhimingde International Group Corp. 2013-05-13
ZORM Zoro Mining Corp. 2013-03-25
ZVTK Zevotek, Inc. 2012-11-19
ZWIH Zhong Wen International Holding Co.Ltd. 2012-11-19*&sort=Date&formType=1&isAdv=true&stemming=true&numResults=10&queryCo=Ziyang%20Ceramics%20Corporation&numResults=10

1290 SEC Filers were Suspended by the SEC for Financials delinquencies. The SEC Administrative Law Judge subsequently revoked the Registrations of each delinquent SEC Filer.