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Friday, 02/10/2006 7:23:14 PM

Friday, February 10, 2006 7:23:14 PM

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Be careful of Mongo's stripes......repost from RB board

** Extremely Disturbing Information about Mongo **

I normally don't spend much time looking into old posts as Mongo so loves to do but when oilman57 asked the question of where are Mongo's old posts, I was curious so I looked.

I opened up his profile and sure enough there are many posts on the EHRE board but "0" on the ERHC board. I thought I would give him the benefit of the doubt and I thought maybe RB erased everyone's beyond a certain date. I scrolled through pages and pages and there were many old posts from known posters here but no Mongo posts. Then I thought, maybe he wasn't here yet so I started reading the headings for the posts and lo' and behold, there are a bunch of posts from other RB posters with "Mongo" in the headings. For the record here are some of those from the ERHC board: 101496; 100930; 100425; 100454; 100269; 100267; 100257........ These posts are obviously addressing comments made by Mongo yet his original posts are not there. Why?

So let me get this straight....Mongo bashes endlessly on a company he will not admit to owning. He loves to hound on the SEC filings by ERHE for their mistakes which by law, ERHE can not remove from public view. ERHE makes corrections to their mistakes (as proof read through the latest 10k about the share count mistake that is now corrected) yet Mongo doesn't mention the very point he bashed for years. When a poster points out one of the many issues that Mongo has been wrong about, Mongo asks for proof from old posts. This is done to bring in the question of credibility of the poster reminding Mongo of his mistakes. And 'POOF', his posts are gone.

I find this incredibly disturbing and this really brings to question the motive behind Mongo's bashing. How does he get the power to inform RB to when and what posts are removed. This has got to be bordering on illegal. If not, it should be. For years, Mongo spends day after day twisting facts, avoiding direct questions, changing the subject when proof doesn't go his way. Mongo creates doubt with cleverly designed questions and posts from other people’s historical posts, yet his choice of historical posts are removed.

Maybe the SEC should be looking into posters such as Mongo. Talk about stock manipulation and hurting the uninformed. So now when a potential new investor reads information on the RB board and notices differing points of views, they only have the ability to see a legitimate posters historical records and not that of the opposing or bashing perspective. Mongo creates doubt by making assumptions about what might come out in future filings and then when it doesn't come true he has the power to request the removal of those posts..... Very disturbing!

This is beyond unethical! I feel very sorry for new investors who aren't aware of this situation and the tactics of unethical behavior exhibited by these posters such as Mongo.

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