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Friday, 01/17/2014 10:05:24 PM

Friday, January 17, 2014 10:05:24 PM

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tbirdman--Here is a better bio

Best paragraph>>

Mr. Baksa was a General Partner at The Vertical Group, a private equity and venture capital firm focused on the fields of medical technology and biotechnology. For more than 30 years, The Vertical Group has been an early stage investor and major shareholder of some of the medical technology industry’s most successful companies. Before Mr. Baksa joined The Vertical Group, he was co-founder of Paddington Partners, a firm engaged in special situation investing focused on public health care equities.

Check out a post from December I put u on the neutaceutical. medical food area of RIBT,

RIBT holds 8 patents and more pending on nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals.

From the year end

We hold eight U.S. patents relating to the production or use of Nutraceutical or HVF products. The patents are:

1.Patent Number 5,512,287 “PRODUCTION OF BETA-GLUCAN AND BETA-GLUCAN PRODUCT,” which issued on April 30, 1996 and expires in 2014.

2.Patent Number 5,985,344 “PROCESS FOR OBTAINING MICRONUTRIENT ENRICHED RICE BRAN OIL,” which issued November 16, 1999 and expires in 2018.

3.Patent Number 6,126,943 “METHOD FOR TREATING HYPERCHOLESTEROLEMIA, HYPERLIPIDEMIA, AND ATHEROSCLEROSIS,” which issued October 3, 2000 and expires in 2018.

4.Patent Number 6,303,586 B1 “SUPPORTIVE THERAPY FOR DIABETES, HYPERGLYCEMIA AND HYPOGLYCEMIA,” which issued October 16, 2001 and expires in 2018.

5.Patent Number 6,350,473 B1 “METHOD FOR TREATING HYPERCHOLESTEROLEMIA, HYPERLIPIDEMIA AND ATHEROSCLEROSIS,” which issued February 26, 2002 and expires in 2020.

6.Patent number 6,558,714 B2 “METHOD FOR TREATING HYPERCHOLESTEROLEMIA, HYPERLIPIDEMIA AND ATHEROSCLEROSIS” which issued May 06, 2003 and expires in 2021.

7.Patent number 6,733,799 “METHOD FOR TREATING HYPERCHOLESTEROLEMIA, HYPERLIPIDEMIA AND ATHEROSCLEROSIS” which issued May 11, 2004 and expires in 2023.

8.Patent number 6,902,739 “METHODS FOR TREATING JOINT INFLAMMATION, PAIN AND LOSS OF MOBILITY” which issued June 07, 2005 and expires in 2021

And more pending. RIBT was trying to raise some money for testing, but could not raise enough this time, they wanted $1,000,000. But I believe they have some "medical foods" now that could be sold through it's H & N acquisition.

Bill Gates gave Colorado State(Elizabeth Ryan, who knows RIBT and stabilized rice bran well) $1,000,000 to research rice and beans for various benefits, the study has been started a month or so ago, will take a year.|gates|rice|bran

They have a patent on a product named BiFlexin. It is rumored to be as strong as Vioxx for joint pain, but all natural and won't kill people. This is the one I believe CEO Short wanted the $1,000,000 for. I doubt is as good as Vioxx or they would have jumped all over it by now. But, could be pretty good.

So this stock could have some biotech unrational PE's later on?