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Re: Bruce the Stock Guy post# 1449

Saturday, 11/23/2013 11:35:42 AM

Saturday, November 23, 2013 11:35:42 AM

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Thought I'd chime in, once i saw the post referencing CAGR DD done by "rustybucksranch." Below is a response i compiled for the CAGR board in answer to blatant lies by "rustybucksranch."

Since that time, CAGR has become a dead stock. Its on Glbal Lock by the DTC and its former CEO, Frank Yglesias (who has several other aliases) resigned and filed bankruptcy so he could liquidate all the inventory shareholders paid for to pay his own debts. It is my opinion that "rustybucksranch" was a paid paid pumper for Frank, as were at least three others.

Any way, to wit:

The REAL list of CAGR accomplishments: (Updated-11/9/2012)

a) Fall, 2011 ... CAGR rips shareholders with a 1:10 Reverse split

b) Oct 4, 2011 ... CAGR files Articles of Incorporation in which
1) Shareholders are stripped of voting rights
2) Insiders issue themselves 8,000,000,000 (Billion) shares disguised as preferred and sale-able without vote or notice.

c) Dec 12, 2011 ... CAGR begins life with 375,000,000+ shares outstanding

d) Dec, 2011 ... CAGR sells 40 Million shares at .0005 for $20K cash.

e) January, 2012 ... CAGR publishes 2011 year end report which
1) Is not audited as promised.
2) Shows that CaGrapes was not a highly profitable company as advertised

f) Feb 1, 2012 ... CAGR dumps 199,000,000 shares. OS now 574,000,000+ shares

g) Feb 24, 2012 ... CAGR dumps another 50,000,000 shares. OS now 624,000,000+

h) Feb, 2012 ... CAGR announces it will open a retail outlet
1) CAGR says opening aimed for April 1st. ... Later investors find out it was never intended for April 1st, but May 1st.
2) Investors find out that the Renaissance Hotel location is off.

i) March 29, 2012 ... CAGR dumps another 347,000,000 shares. OS now 971,000,000+

j) April 26,2012 ... CAGR dumps another 40,000,000 shares. OS now 1,011,000,000+

k) May 2012, Store does not open on time. No word from company

l) CAGR publishes Q1 report
1) Report is again unaudited.
2) CAGR shows loss of $200K
3) Report shows that CAGR must spend $2 to generate $%1 in sales.
4) Report reveals that CAGR, unbeknownst to shareholders, is seriously delinquent on three loans. Two loans have been delinquent for more than two years and the other for more than one year.

m) May 29, 2012 ... CAGR dumps another 85,000,000 shares. OS now 1,096,000,000+

n) June 2012 ... Store still not open. No word from company

o) June 8, 2012 ... CAGR dumps another 50,000,000 shares. OS now 1,146,000,000+

p) July 2012 ... Store still not open.
1)Company says they just got permits. Company obviously lying because no one would sign a lease without having the permits.
2) Company posts pictures of a basement renovation.
3) It is reported by one poster that the store location is indeed a basement, is not in the high traffic mall and is on the opposite and low traffic side of the street with several vacant spaces.

q) July 2, 2012 ... CAGR dumps another 215,000,000 shares.[/b] OS now 1,360,000,000+

r) July 6, 2012 ... CAGR closes at .0005. Down 75% from pre-merger price; and down 95%+ from post merger high.

s) July 12, 2012 ... CAGR closes at .0003. Down another 40% just this week.

t) August 14, 2012 ... Store still not open! Now 136 days late

u) Company announces in an email to selected stock holders that there will not be any finacials posted for Q2. Store still not opened.

v) August 17, 2012 ... CAGR dropped to "Limited Information" status with "Yield Sign" displayed.

w) The TA is gagged by company request!

x) October 3, 2012 ... Company blames delay in Grand opening of store on a strain in Sino-Chinese relations, even though such strain occurred two weeks AFTER scheduled opening.

y) October 3, 2012 ... Shareholders find out via an email sent only to listed subscribers that company is making only $300/day in sales. ($9,000.00/mo, $27,000.00/qtr) Given the stated overhead in Q1 report of $450,000+/qtr, company would need to do 51 times its present rate of sales to break even!

z) October 24, 2012 ... Company releases financials. Shareholders find out
1) CAGR dumps another 202,000,000 shares. OS now 1,562,000,000+
2) Company is bleeding money
3) Once again, the report is Unaudited, in spite of repeated company promises to provide audited figures.

aa) November, 2012 ...
1) Company admits the released report is in error and releases several different versions in the days immediately following the first version.
2) Attorney letter filed
3) Second Attorney letter filed, evidently retracting the first Attorney letter
4) essential errors and inconsistencies still appear in report relative to 100s of thousnads of dollars of missing capital.

"Libenter homines id quod volunt credunt"

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