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Re: IH Geek [Dave] post# 76678

Sunday, 01/22/2006 3:44:35 PM

Sunday, January 22, 2006 3:44:35 PM

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grubmaster...Well I'll take your word for it as you guys would know a little better than I about the nature of complaints, however as I stated earlier I still believe the right of individuals to moderate forums that are about specific companies needs to be reigned in. And for obvious reasons. I have nothing against people getting their own personal forum to discuss whatever and to moderate such, but I think the vast majority of your active moderators are nothing more than mouthpieces for investments and where quite literally anything contrarian is deleted and reported.

Legit complaints are one thing. Lack of tolerance for alternate points of view is becoming more prevalent here in my view. Take for example the jefferybraun999 alias over at FASC. Looking back on the guys posting history for the past couple weeks, I don't see anything there worthy of his being in this jail beyond pointing out and asking questions of pumpers on that forum. You said earlier you guys are objective in your approach to deletions and suspensions, yet I see examples like this which raise questions about that very objectivity.