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Re: mick post# 75581

Friday, 10/21/2005 8:42:30 AM

Friday, October 21, 2005 8:42:30 AM

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Hi Mick - I am so impressed at how organized you are.

I'm going to briefly comment on each of the symbols listed in your post. It may help anyone who is following them. This is all from memory. I have extensive notes on all so if anyone wants more info, I can either provide it or point them in a direction.

ACHI.OB - plastic extrusion process - LACC - very speculative but waiting for potentially huge contract from one of the Big 3 auto makers. If that happens, the stock is a multi-bagger. As with all, never be afraid of taking profits as each and every penny company goes through cycle of "pump the good news" rise and "pay for the good news" dilution. It's a fact of life.

AEGCF.OB - This is a real quality company - tiny, tiny float. You have to be patient with it. It will move 20-40% overnight as there are groups that only play tiny floats.

Fundamentals - record revenues - need to improve margins - very hot area - defense

API Electronics Group Corp., through its wholly owned subsidiaries API Electronics Inc., Filtran Group and TM Systems, is engaged in the manufacture of electronic components and systems for the defense and communications industries. API and its subsidiaries have been providing top of the line parts to numerous global producers of military hardware, telecommunications equipment, computer peripherals, process control equipment and instrumentation for a combined total of over 50 years. API's TM Systems subsidiary has been in business for over 30 years and provides critical systems to various U.S. government departments, including the United States Navy, as well as numerous domestic and foreign commercial corporations. With a growing list of blue chip customers, including Honeywell/Allied Signal, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin and numerous other top technology-based firms around the world, API regularly ships off-the-shelf and custom designed products to clients in more than 34 countries. API owns state-of-the-art manufacturing and technology centers in New York State, Connecticut and Ontario, Canada totaling 51,000 square feet. The company also has manufacturing capabilities in China and a distribution center in Britain. Filtran and API Electronics are ISO 9001 registered companies. API Electronics trades on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol AEGCF. For further information about Filtran Group and API Electronics, please visit the company websites at and

AMEP.OB - oil and gas speculative penny with a lot of potential. I am OUT of it now but would be a buyer on weakness. They have a rig and an interesting structure, but I feel too expensive at this point given the share count.

AMGJ.PK - Christian radio and networking - had great volume yesterday. I am nervous about this one as management has not followed through. Perhaps yesterday was a sign and I'll be looking today to see if things follow through.

AMNI.PK Ticker symbol has changed to: HMSG.PK I really like this one in the speculative penny area. Principals are all military background and are adapting to needed areas in defense, homeland security, disasters, flood relief, etc., in that they do security work, investigative work, military supply, etc.

ASPN.OB - this is one of the best oil and gas plays, a proven winner. It is a good buy in this area as oil and gas plays have come down despite the fact that oil and gas is still at historic highs and will likely continue. I laugh when the commentators say oil is "only $50 bl." they have an incredible record for hitting successful wells.

*****BCIT.PK , is this one still on your list? I still own some, took profits fortunately on almost all my shares. It may never trade again. It was a very speculative play where CEO claimed that someone counterfeited shares. Brokers were to be forced to buy in shares forcing a short squeeze type rise. Looks like CEO might be making some kind of deal so I am a bit suspicious that it will now become a litigation matter, with remaining shareholders participating.

CNVT.OB this is a BDC with investments in one public company and about 4 private ones with a net asset value several times current price. Its investment in BRM.v is apparently worth about .55 to it alone. One day the company will figure out a way to get value to shareholders. It's a buy and hold.

CXTI.OB - this is a China play - huge revenue contracts to put together E systems for local governments. Some are waiting to see if they continue to great massive contracts. tiny ratios are bullish. They seem to be able to know how to grease the right palms in china. China plays are not that popular but when they return, this will be a good one.

CYDF.OB - this is a speculative play on UAV's also parent company is I think CYDF will move first as it is fully filing.

DFNS.OB -quality Israeli defense company undiscovered - working hard to capture part of US market for armor and other defense projects. I really like this as a buy and hold

EKWX.PK - very speculative gold mining play. Gets a lot of action.

EMFP.OB - play on bird flu nanotechnology masks. Being tested by US military and Japan major players, has wealthy insider buys. Should be a significant play in weeks to come.

ETLC.PK This is a speculative BDC - waiting to merge with a much larger stock that supposedly has 100 million in revenue. Stock has not moved so maybe "too good to be true?"

EXTP.PK I don't have this one. don't think I ever mentioned it. I'll take a look at it when I get a chance. There are a lot of poker sites and most have had huge dilution but I'm open to any info that readers have on it.

FMNJ.PK - this is an extremely speculative Bolivian gold mining venture. Interesting PR last night about distributing electricity in Bolivia, which will help their operations and apparently they get a cut on the generators. Could get interesting but extremely speculative.

FPPC THIS IS NOW FPP on AMEX - This is with ASPN the best 2 oil and gas plays in the US in my opinion. FPP is very conservative. It has had a big run up but it has a tiny float with the CEO owning about 1/3 of o/s.

GNBT - this is a speculative biotech play on alternative to insulin injection and vaccines, including now bird flu play. Be careful as it is heavily shorted and manipulated. I have traded it several times for mixed results. I was stopped out yesterday on it and looking to re-enter on weakness which should continue I believe at least at the open. It has a shaky financial picture, but if they hit on bird flu, it will be a mega home run.

GCHR.PK -This is an undiscovered oil and gas play that has no MM support. they are working on this and once that happens this could ride to .10-.25 or perhaps more. I've been told that they have lined up MM sponsorship so that a real market can be made in this stock.

GSHF.OB this is a BDC with extensive inter-woven "green" investee companies. They seem to know how to create value with PR's and subsidiary investments. Very speculative but a must buy on any weakness IMO.

HISC.PK - this is a hotly traded stock. Tough for me to be objective on this one as I enjoyed close to 100 bagger on this one from my first mention. I think the moves have slowed down but it is currently showing strength as others have discovered their products that range from port security to explosive detection. My chart shows that if it breaks .10, it's off to new highs.

HMSG.PK - see above - was AMNI - really like this one as they try to imitate the progress that HISC made.

HOM - a very top quality home improvement company thriving with the disasters in Florida and Gulf. My goal is $10/share. This is not a speculative stock at least cf. the others on this list.

HYRF.OB - I'm out of this and concerned about the way they tried to look like subjective write-ups of investments were revenue. I am watching it for a return back to lows where I would consider buying.

IBCS.OB - this is a company that is combining the stock PR business with internet radio. So far, has not performed well but it has pieces of many speculative companies that should be worth much more than the shares in the future.

IGTN.PK - this is a company that is in the process of reverse splitting and took a hit, creating a buying opportunity. It may move down more after the split but the company's products are very well thought of apparently. I'd urge those covering it to review them at their website. They have some very good medical support. A move back to .05 is realistic. They are predicting millions and millions in revenue.

IMX - top flight best of breed portable explosive detection business as well as semi-conductors and cancer treatment with prostate seeds and breast cancer. This is a takeover candidate, very few shares, small o/s and tiny float.

INSQ.OB -speculative subsidiary of GSHF. Moves fast in a range and has fans and detractors galore. Great for a trade and should have a strong future at some point.

IPMG.PK speculative gold play in Cambodia where there contacts supposedly will lead to exploration in an area with huge potential. Look for action in this at the end of the year. Could be a big multi-bagger as gold is in a bull market.

MOTG.OB - this is another BDC - waiting for results of acquisition. Projecting huge revenues between 20-50 million. buy on weakness.

MOTGE.OB - same company - waiting for filing and the "e" will be removed.

MSNC.PK -extremely speculative Israeli defense company. Not a lot of info is available on this one but, on the other hand, it is undiscovered. Read some of their PR's and then decide. Interesting security against tunnel digging by terrorists and perimeter security. Again, extremely speculative.

OMOG.PK -oil and gas play with a speculative kicker in that they are successfully litigating against past management. Explanation is at their website. Return could be huge.

PRVB.OB another speculative oil and gas play waiting for some funding. Seems to have some very strong support and players. Once they get financing, watch out. Could be huge, but again, for speculative hands only.

PRXT.PK - see above CYDF - it recently announced new business development.

PTHO.PK - this is a pink sheet company with an extremely hard to explain process that many think will revolutionize its field. Tiny float and it moves very very fast. Anyone interested, I would urge to read some of the posts on The Microcap Kitchen on SI and also the PTHO website. They have not been promoted but interest is building on this one. I think it is a takeover candidate in the 20's.

SEHO.OB - diverse company with homerun potential in several hot areas, including explosive detection, biometrics, auto and van security. It has gotten some great national attention, including mention in Business and elsewhere. This should be a dollar stock or more as they go forward.

SHRN.OB - this is a shopping website that has a strong fan base and some strong people behind it. For now, I am looking for a move similar to last year when it was mentioned on the Howard Stern show. They just signed a contract with his station. Last year this time it went from about .05 to about .18.

SPRL.PK - speculative oil and gas play in Russia. they claim to have the contacts, but we are waiting for results. Could be huge, but again speculative.

TDYH.PK - this seems to be a real quality oil and gas play with proven reserves and prospects that should make it a multi bagger. However, being on the pinks has held it back and I understand that this is being remedied as they plan on going perhaps to an exchange, but at least to fully filing and OTC BB.

TTGH.OB - this is a play on prepaid calling, so popular in parts of the world and also they are contract semi conductor board manufacturer. The numbers from a recent acquisition support a share price between $1 and $2.

VRDM.OB - this is another holding of GSHF, but has been hit lately as it is being restructured. The restructuring should help the bottom line and balance sheet, giving investors another subsidiary which may be spun off.

VSYS.OB - a real quality company that attracts very little interest. They may revolutionize security and electronic control installations at large building developments, malls, airports, security bases, etc., Their MESH product is gradually attracting interest in the building trades. Small float. I think it could go as high as $5.

WWAT.OB I don't think I've mentioned this one and I have not looked at it.

WYPB.PK - this is a very speculative medical supply company that is promoting a credit card sized test for spiked drinks. Buy it at current price for a trade on the promotion, maybe more, if they come up with more promised products and promotions.

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