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Analyzing a pre-event takes time. This means

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SuperC   Sunday, 09/23/12 10:39:36 AM
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Analyzing a pre-event takes time. This means at it's very basics sitting in front of your screen noticing symbols trading OTCQB/Pink in real-time.

For example:
What ever trading platform your using you will notice symbols coming at you in real time on a per-minute bases. You may see the symbol and size of trade. Or you may see the symbol and the number of trades per-minute for that symbol.

But what good is it, if you don't know the number of symbols played on a regular bases?.

If we have for example 3,000 OTC/Pink symbols to watch IF they come though on a trade that day.... how many of those trade each week on a regular bases? Let's say there are 1500.

If that's so, and you at least recognize the symbol itself and can say... 'yes this one is a regular'. This is your first step.

Before an event, those who buy into a pre-event seldom if ever buy if a stock has been very active. That is a fact. Makes sense, right? If a stock is actively trading up and down with volume how can someone load and feel safe about it? They can't.

So number one rule.... it's a symbol that ISN'T played to death. It doesn't need to be dormant, but needs to be played less, and usually a lull between the last time played or high volume before being noticed.

Everyone who's familiar with the 10Day Average Volume Rule I use on the Pro Traders Forum realizes, this is a good example in regards to someone front-loading. But is only a part of what MIGHT make up the preexistence of an upcoming event. When you spot something less played, MM acting a bit strange as come call it.... there are inner workings using both L2 & Time_Sales 'combined' that you look for. This has nothing to do with what MM is lined up where. I think this is why so many get confused on a possible pre-event watch. Basically, if you even watch the name of the Market Maker, or where he goes next your losing out completely. That doesn't matter....

Here's an example of a pre-event that didn't have the 10day average volume show up: http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=78928928&txt2find=shift
Scan down to Forc .006 Play Nprogress

Take a little time, notice the days, key words, words not used on a regular bases such as MM names or MM's moving here or there, etc. Take about 10min here and get to visualize what's taking place: http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=78928928&txt2find=shift

One of the strongest points I want to make is that about the time you think you've spotted a pre-event, you haven't. You can't quickly see quote a 'shift' and think this is pre-loading. That doesn't work.

There's a series of events, so that if you notice the above FORC page... how many posts and key-words did I use and continued to make SURE>>>> I was on the correct path? A lot!

Yes I called an Nplay after the 3rd post, but notice how many more times I posted making sure of all things?

When I use words like 'shift' or 'MM_SHUFFLE' or 'el-shift-a-rooskie' there is tons of data I'm pouring over on the Time_Sales Screen along with the L2. You can't look at what YOU might think are MM oddities, and not have the Time_Sales up and running too HELP confirm this.

If you see links on the above, click on them, more info.

Also.. if you go back and look at that date the 27th of July, who was talking? Page 17 http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/msgsearch.aspx?searchstr=forc
Also notice before that date, what do you see?

Now remember that date July 27th, because during my scan that day I also have these windows open to notice unusual volume changes: http://www.profitspi.com/stock/view.aspx?v=price-and-chart&p=9817&i=FORC&pv=recent-symbols&pp=FORC#&&vs=634840048271632024

Again go to page 17 at the bottom and my first post: http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/msgsearch.aspx?searchstr=forc
Pro Traders Forum FORC .006 could be a shift occurring, <00>ing SuperC 07/27/2012 11:18:17 AM
When I use the <00>ing that is I'm looking, and what I see at that specific time has enough value that I'll continue too look. This is not just a looksie, it's a LOOK because things are starting to show value yet seen in a while for that particular symbol.

Now look at the volume chart for that day: http://stockcharts.com/c-sc/sc?s=FORC&p=d&b=13&g=0&id=p17970548896
The open for the 27th was .013
Then what happened?
It quickly dropped to .006 as posted; why?
Was there a huge sell? No way
You can see two days there both were green.

Another area too help you indicate 'green'?
The A/D the day before July 26th using a three month chart of course because we need to go back that far was a negative -455.62k
After the close on the 27th?
a positive 374.82k
Now take that day and scan back up and notice going later into the morning the price rises, right?
But then what about 12:00 then 12:15?
All and all there are many many things you need too consider as you pour over, click on all links....

I'll try and name a few even though most are stuck inside wink

* Is there a huge change in volume as of late?
* Is this symbol played to death or recent and lots of pages?
* Market Makers acting unusual?
* Are they allowing large buys at the BID while not moving the the ASK
* Was there a huge buy on your Time_Sales yet the Bid dropped?
* Was there an initial and huge drop on the bid on the first or soon after that symbol started to trade that day? If so, did you notice on the Time_Sales screen if it was posted as a Buy or Sell?
* Does it have the appearance of MM masking Sells as Buys? That again you need both L2 & Time_Sales
* Does that symbol have a decent float so that when you see a huge Buy come though it still doesn't move? The same on BID buying.... ask: How can a 1.1mil buy come though at the BID, but yet to the BID still continues to drop?
More and more questions as answers continue during that session.

If you notice a few of my posts I continued to STICK to my guns on what I read, no wavering.

Then what happened over a period of days/weeks after that?

Go back and trace volume and changes up until recent news: http://www.profitspi.com/stock/view.aspx?v=price-and-chart&p=9817&i=FORC&pv=recent-symbols&pp=FORC#&&vs=634840061292696786

Then follow what I posted from the 27th forward: http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/msgsearchbyboard.aspx?boardID=18631&srchyr=2012&SearchStr=forc

So, how much time was there between the 27th of July until the first news?
September 10, 2012
Force Energy Completes Further Work on Zoro 1 Property

But if it's true that quite a bit of loading took place and continued.... why didn't it POP on the 10th?

Actually it started to move up slowly before that: http://www.profitspi.com/stock/view.aspx?v=price-and-chart&p=9817&i=FORC&pv=recent-symbols&pp=FORC#&&vs=634840064456967772
With a high of FORC 9/10/2012 .0535

Then the EVENT or news on the 18th
September 18, 2012
New NI 43-101 Technical Report for Force Energy Corp. Confirms Over 1.7M Tons of Lithium on Its Property in Manitoba Canada (GlobeNewswire)

Do you think it's reasonable too suspect at least a few had reason to believe or prior knowledge Zoro1 had this much value? Yes.

Do you think it's reasonable too Expect those that know something prior to an event... too buy before the event? Yes.

Are there indicators too suspect a Pre_Event? Yes!

Other recent but not exact duplicates of FORC:





In the case of DTGI that started on the 6th of this month... then unusual buying occurred from .0035 down to .0025
This pre-event, which I believe has ye to take place was very similar to FORC
Again, look and see who was posting, when, the day of the 6th, what was being said, then a silent time [could have been days or weeks after that], very similar to FORC.

VPRO had a lot of similarities

PZOO was strangely different. MM's let hundreds of thousands of buys come in at .09ish while never ever moving the ASK up, plus lots of more data to pour over.
Go back and see when this one started: http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/msgsearchbyboard.aspx?boardID=18631&srchyr=2012&SearchStr=PZOO I don't have that much data on this one, sometimes I get lazy knowing it's in my head so who cares, lol
But notice the first post: http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=77680609&txt2find=PZOO
It wasn't the news, it was the combination of old-news, interesting news, but also key in how PZOO started to trade/shuffle/shift, no ASK changing, etc.

Now notice this page: On or around the 25th of July http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=77869780
and my post to this person: http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=77870213&txt2find=PZOO
And when did I call it?
PZOO .10c 831k vs 5k_vol10dayavg PAZOO SuperC 07/19/2012 03:15:54 PM
That was approx. 6 days before the PROMO came out.

The idea is to notice, be aware of unusual volume changes, be aware of both L2 & Time_Sales, and all the indicators I mentioned above so that you.... have a great chance making an informed decision 'with-out' NEWS>>>>

On Pre_Loaded

Whether it's
Or all the above and their cronies!

Trade Well ~ Trade Often

ps... my trading strategies have changed over the years. I no longer hold anything more than a trade or two, or a short-term hold unless I see 'intellectual property' that would make the higher up food-chain symbols in that particular industry or arena....salivate to HAVE.

Please excuse the typo's, I hope most of this makes sense!

Best iBox Trading Strategy >>> http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/board.aspx?board_id=18631
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