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Sunday, 04/15/2012 3:22:15 PM

Sunday, April 15, 2012 3:22:15 PM

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Heads Up, MAX -4- live charts per post or IBox

Notice to all IHub users who enjoy posting the odd live chart in their posts or IBoxes. It seems there are a few users who are not following the rules and are putting us all in jeopardy of losing this feature altogether.

Please follow the rules, MAXIMUM -4- live embedded charts per post or IBox

A little background...(as I understand it)

IHub / SI are the ONLY sites where we can post StockCharts live embedded charts in our posts. These sites were legacy supporters of Stockcharts when they started back in 1999 and as such they have allowed us the privilege to embed (hot link) charts into our posts and IBoxes, but within limits. If those limits are abused then we will all lose this privilege and none of us want that to happen. Remember this is a special Privilege only for IHUB users, its not a Right.

I am seeing users posting 10, 30, 50 or more charts in a post or IBox. Just tons of charts with no commentary or annotations, basically posted for no reason. The server horsepower ($$ Cost $$) to do this comes from StockCharts not IHub and as such it is up to us to keep the impact on their servers low. Now if you want to take static snapshots of tons of charts everyday and upload them to IHub and then paste them into your post that’s fine, this method is not a continuous ongoing server load for StockCharts, it becomes IHubs cost.

It’s the live embedded chart requests that cause problems with server loads (and cost) when many many charts are requested at once and no one is actually looking at them, but they still have to be generated by the servers at StockCharts and if any user has the IBOX turned on, the charts in the Ibox are regenerated on every visit or page refresh on that board. It is also a problem as it violates the members TOS with respect to using the StockCharts servers and re-publishing of charts from StockCharts.

Here's some links on the subject under the Polices section of the StockCharts website.

Supported message boards

Max live charts per message board post

Excessive chart requests policy

Chart reprint policy, electronic media
(Except IHUB message boards are allowed 4 live charts per post for embedded charts, served up from StockCharts servers, ie using IMG tags).

Anyway I hope this info helps and gives you a little background into the whole story.

Please give this some thought and pass it on. I hope we can all put a stop to this abuse before this Privilege from StockCharts is revoked.


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