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I have one name and one name only....KG4

Nor do I agree with what is transpiring on this thread......Dealie/vendit...I will be the first to agree that probably 80% of the posts on this thread should have been deleted, but it is also obvious that some posts are being deleted, not because of content, but because of the person posting....my post yesterday was deleted and it thought it brought up excellent points that the bashers need to go on because they have turned this board into a waste of time...seemed pretty useful, needed and on topic to me...yet it was instantly deleted...that is when I researched and noticed everything else was deleted....a poster made a three line comment to me about cmgi and the good ole days, and whether we will ever see $300 again....I dont know this poster, but that is irreleveant...the post was short sweet and only mentioned cmgi....yet that post was deleted....there are many instances where posts that should not be deleted are...maybe this is because 80% should be deleted and yall are going overboard and deleting everything, but more care needs to be put into what is deleted, or it clearly looks loike a personal matter, and not a content matter.

Anyway, I showed up here yesterday because I was apalled at the non stop bashing, and all the time you and dealie were wasting having to police the thread...I tried to make things better....my post made more sense then anything I read on this board for two weeks....I mean something had to give, it was just getting ridiculous over here.......my post was a good thing for this thread, and it's intent was good...yet it was deleted as quick as you can say the word delete........how come I see plenty of off topic posts from dealie and you, that are still there...not deleted....that doesnt make much sense to me......it takes two to tango...one person bashes voltaire.....it is, and should be deleted, but then you or dealie respond to that person with more off topic stuff, yet that stuff isn't deleted....so It looks to me like the first person that throws a punch gets deleted, but the person doing the deleting, gets to delete, yet keep their off topic stuff on the thread.

I sincerely hope this post is not deleted, as these things are very pertinent to the survival of this thread.



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