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Business Development

Our business and product development will follow two parallel paths. We will create cannabis pharmaceuticals with and without psychoactive properties. Both of these lines will have numerous proven health benefits for treating autism, blood pressure, cancer and cancer side effects, along with other illnesses, including for general health maintenance.

We are positioned to pursue the development of phytocannabinoid-based pharmaceutical grade products. The endocannabinoid system normally regulates blood pressure through its capacity to dilate blood vessels and reduce adrenergic stimuli. Additionally, there is a developing body of evidence that shows both the tumor killing properties of endo- and phyto- cannabinoids, and their ability to inhibit metastasis in a variety of cancers.

The Company is working to navigate the regulatory framework for its phytocannabinoid science towards developing cannabis-based therapeutics that will holistically promote health by restoring biochemical balance. By adhering to underlying scientific principles, the Company will manipulate all-pervasive phytocannabinoid processes to target a variety of disparate illnesses.

Cannabis Science is also positioning to explore insights that indicate an intrinsic link between novel cancer and HIV technologies and the cannabinoid system; with the goal of demonstrating that our pharmaceuticals will enhance biochemical markers that are indicative of a successful HIV therapy based on recent paradigm breaking discoveries.

The Company is currently focused on FDA approval of its first medical cannabis product targeted for veterans. Many veterans are already using herbal cannabis to self-medicate to relieve the symptoms of PTSD. Consequently, there is a clear need for standardized, FDA approved, oral cannabis products which can, and should be, provided to veterans and others who can benefit from its use. Medical cannabis has far fewer and milder side effects than most currently prescribed pharmaceutical products do. We are working hard to have one or more products ready for FDA clinical trials as soon as possible.

The completion of a 1,300 participant veteran survey regarding PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) was announced on March 1, 2010. On the survey, veterans reported that cannabis helped with nearly all PTSD symptoms with special emphasis on three important components: sleep disturbance, irritability, and disturbing memories. These findings are significant given that PTSD is notorious for leading to difficulty falling and staying asleep. Responded also reported that aggression and disturbing thoughts were also greatly reduced through the use of cannabis. This survey demonstrates an advantage over conventional pharmaceutical research companies that Cannabis Science enjoys. As a patient-oriented company we know that real people with real problems are getting real relief from cannabis. Also, it is important to note that insomnia is a very widespread problem in the general population, especially senior citizens, so the need for cannabis based medicines for sleep is not confined to people with PTSD. In fact, it is a multi-billion dollar a year market.

On March 17, 2011, the Company signed an agreement with The Unconventional Foundation for Autism (UF4A) to develop treatment plans and targeted cannabis-based medicine for the treatment of autism. In conjunction with the partnership, the Company’s president and CEO, Robert Melamede, Ph.D. will join the board of UF4A and work alongside their staff to document and provide scientific guidance on the 10 autism treatment with medical marijuana case studies that UF4A is currently involved with.

The Company anticipates having to raise additional capital to fund operations over the next 12 months. To the extent that it is required to raise additional funds to acquire properties, and to cover costs of operations, the Company intends to do so through additional public or private offerings of debt or equity securities.

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