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Re: hugh_jackoman post# 2807

Tuesday, 11/09/2010 12:23:41 AM

Tuesday, November 09, 2010 12:23:41 AM

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Not about NIR.

Lots behind the Encompass Complaint. Not about NIR but the ones it is about are throwin sht ta see what might stick. I've read every doc in the case. In short it's ass kickers kickin ass. The two dudes named Daly and Lanham tried ta steal and Encompass company in an elaborate scam in Bankruptcy court. Now Encompass has the perps in Fed. Court. Bout the only thing of interest for the NIR watchers is this. Anyone who messes with Encompass will get a hell of a wake up call. I go back pretty damn far with the CEO. NIR will likely get dismissed in that case. They really have no place in the case. I will say this and have several times. If it is proven that NIR has shorted funded companies you will be hearin the name Encompass in a big way. Encompass knows NIR well and visa versa. The NIR broker Envision Capital filed a claim in NY namin Encompass. The new CEO told Noveshen of Envision to fk off, so to speak. They got a beef there that also involves Medgen. It appears that Noveshen has decided he might be better off not wakin a sleepin dog. Encompass ignored his whole claim and then Dworkin started talkin. Don't know who talked to who in these punch outs but it appears to be the same old thing with the Encompass group. People seem ta decide it aint worth the risk to fight with em. I've seen several battles and the end the same way. I know that Encompass has had some serious talks with NIR about all of the above. It seems Noveshen backed off, Dworkin got called on the FBI carpet, NIR has their battle and Encompass has this Daly , Lanham thing goin on now. Encompass can't wait to get to court with them. Lanham is an L.A. attorney. I'll bet big bucks he never shows up in this case. The RICO claim is some bs about all the named bein a RICO type organization. It's fallin apart at the seams. I could give ya plenty more on this subject and much of it would be interestin and enlightening. Google "The Mob on Wall Street" and read about the ones Encompass has battled. I like em. Good dudes at Encompass until ya get in their face. Then it gets fun. NIR was and is a buzz word in court these days. Some have serious claims and others try ta play the card.