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Tuesday, 07/27/2010 6:25:02 PM

Tuesday, July 27, 2010 6:25:02 PM

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Just thought i'd repost the BIG news in bold so people that get on tomorrow don't have search
QUESTION 1. Will there be a more public release of the M#1 and Brackens operations?
A. Yes an official PR is in the future. I cannot give an exact date or timeline at this moment. We cannot do this of course, until we address the debt issue for positive financials. A PR WILL NOT HAPPEN WITHOUT A RESOLUTION TO THE COMPANIES DEBT! But that problem is being taken care of and a new website update is also on it’s way.

QUESTION 2. What plans are being constructed for the company’s outstanding debt issue?
A. There are many ways you can go about this, separately or combined. The plan we are constructing now, a buyout or a merger. I can’t give you many details of our current plan but AND QUOTE “SEVERAL SEVERAL SEVERAL NEW WELLS ARE GOING TO SEE PRODUCTION! I’ll give you the famous words of wisdom TRUST ME, we will all be smiling very soon.
Our company has had a lot of light in its future and has plenty more to come! The plans we have arranged are estimated to cut our debt from 80M to 20M$. There could also be a possible merger. The one being discussed is of course with Barrow-Shaver our majority production company for the shallow well properties. This would be great for our company seeing as their revenue would combine with ours and our financial reports would be very positive. There could also be a buy out of the company in which the investors shares would be converted into the new company. To do that of course we will have to get EVERYONE’S agreement including large investors. The debt problem is well on it’s way to being corrected. The only steps left are getting signatures and the courthouse meetings Stay patient and hang in there with us. I know how hard it is to wait and wait, and I deal with investors all the time who are not pleasant and are not willing to wait for answers. THIS COMPANY HAS A GREAT FUTURE!

QUESTION 3. Are we going to see any new Leasee’s with the company?
A. As I said before Barrow-Shaver is our Primary shallow well property leasee and will more than likely dominate that department. However the deep wells have caught the attention of a few possibly new leasee’s. Some of these new deep wells are a part of the current debt plan.

QUESTION 4. Will YA global convert their notes into shares? Her answer was very weird on this one
A. YES! David is currently working with them on that. I can’t tell you exactly how or what they are doing but they are coordinating something. Can’t tell you what though.

( It seemed to me as though she told me something she wasn’t suppose to. She immediately said YES! David was working on that. Then a second later that she didn’t know how or what and sorry that she couldn’t give more details even though she gave me the only answer that matters, YES! I could have misread this but that’s the way I took it!)

QUESTION 5. When can we as investors expect to be more informed of the companies movements?
A. I want to start something new with the webpage. I want to talk to David about having a weekly newsletter. I want to update the company news like every Friday on the webpage. The way I want to do it is post updates for the debt plan as it happens in real time so the investors stay patient and informed. Of course David will have to approve this but we will see what he says.