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How does YAK 10-15-945 work?

Simply dial 10-15-945 before each long distance call and you automatically are charged the YAK discounted rate. Charges for the call appear on your local monthly telephone bill and you are billed only for the time you talk.

If I use AT&T™ or Qwest, MCI for my long distance calls can I still use YAK?

Yes. Try YAK's Long Distance and compare. You can access YAK's super low long distance rates by simply dialing 10-15-945 before each number you wish to call. You’ll see your savings on your local phone bill. We guarantee that you will be very satisfied with YAK's incredible service and savings.

Do I wait for a dial tone after I dial 10-15-945 - before I dial the long distance number?

No. Simply dial 10-15-945 and then 1+ area code + number for all your North American calls or dial 10-15-945+011+country code+city code+number for all your International calls. It’s incredibly fast and easy.

Is YAK affiliated with your local phone company?

No, Yak simply has an arrangement with your phone company for our 10-15-945 dial around service - but you don’t get an extra bill! All YAK calls appear right on your regular phone bill.

Why are YAK's long distance rates so much lower than other competitors?

At YAK we are always shopping for the best deal for our customers, maintaining the highest level of quality & service. We buy time at a bulk rate from various carriers. We then route your long distance calls for the lowest cost. We always pass the savings to our customers.

Do I have to call long distance at a certain time or day to still save with YAK?

NO! YAK's super low long distance rates are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! You Save! Save! Save! Time & money. And what you see is what you get with these great benefits:
• no additional bills
• no sign-up or connection fees
• no contracts
• no switching from your local phone company

I made a long distance call with YAK and it didn't work. When I tried with my local company it worked fine. How come?

YAK does not always use the same carrier - occasionally there are issues. As you know, your local company has difficulties sometimes too. Often the problem is in the destination country. Whenever there is trouble in connecting, contact YAK's customer service toll-free 10-15-945-0.

Can I use YAK for calls made to cellular phones in International destinations?

Yes. YAK's long distance rates to cell phones in International countries or with special country code terminations are billed at a higher rate than our advertised "regular" rates (see YAK's long distance rates or call customer service (toll-free 10-15-945-0 for more information on all rates). These calls to cellular phones simply cost much more for YAK to connect to.