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Sunday, 01/02/2005 11:25:24 PM

Sunday, January 02, 2005 11:25:24 PM

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The Fund's End of the Year 2004 Report:


The Contax's Five & Dime and Two $$ Too Investment Fund (CFDTDF) was
established on November 9th. 2003, a Sunday, but the first trade was executed
on November 10th., the following Monday, therefore, technically, the true end of
the year comparison should be from November 10th. 2003 and up until November
9th. 2004. However, for the sake of ease in tracking the Fund’s performance
vis-à-vis the S&P 500 and other major indices, I will use December 30th. 2004
markets’ closing numbers for this End of the Year Report. For the purists out
there who would prefer a comparison based on the markets’ closing prices on
November 9th 2004, I am including that report card too and for those who would
like to judge the Fund’s performance based on a 52 week period, I have the
results! So there is something for everyone… provided of course if any one is
still paying any attention to this very sleepy thread …


The Fund, ended its first year of existence (really 59.5 weeks) ending December
30th 2004, with a Net Asset Value (NAV) of $28,592.57, a gain of $8,592.57
from its starting base price of $20,000, or up 42.96%. The S&P 500, in that same
period, was up 158.71 points, to close at $1,211.92 points; up 15.07% from its
November 10th. 2003 starting base price of $1053.21. Therefore, to-date, the CFDTD
Fund has gained 42.96%% versus 15.07% return for the S&P 500 Index or almost
3X better.

For a “True” End of the Year Report Card, based on the closing prices on November
9th. 2004, the results are as follows: CFDTDF: 35.12% and the S&P 500: 10.52%
Again, the Fund bested the S&P 500 by a more than 3X rate of return!


But for the Year-to-Date 52 week price comparison, the Fund was barely able to
eke out a 1% point price advantage. And I mean, BARELY! The S&P 500 started
the year 2004 with a valuation of 1111.92 and closed the year 2004 on December 30th
at 1211.92, a gain of exactly 100 points (!) or 8.99%. The CFDTDF on the other hand,
closed with a gain of only 10.22%. From its January 1st. 2004 base of $25,939.70
to this year’s closing value of $28,592.57, or a net change of $2652.87


Phew! That was close!

The CFDTDF Fund's current Net Asset Value (NAV): $28,592.57
(As of December 30th. 2004)

The CFDTDF Fund's original Net Asset Value (NAV) (Nov. 9th. 2003): $20,000

Net Gain or (Loss) in CFDTDF Fund's value since the Fund's inception: + $8,592.57

Percentage change in the CFDTDF Fund's NAV since its inception on Nov 9th. 2004: + 42.96%

The S&P 500 current reading: 1,211.92 (As of December 30th. 2004)

The S&P 500’s original[/I] reading, as of November 9th. 2003: 1,053.21

Net Gain or (Loss) in the S&P 500 since the Fund’s inception: + 158.71 points

Net % change in the S&P 500 since the Fund’s inception: + 15.07%

Fund's Performance versus the S&P 500: + 27.89%

The following, is the Contax's Five & Dime and Two $$ Too Investment
Fund’s (CFDTDF) current stock holdings along with their
end of the month closing price(s):

Updated Fund Position as of December 30th 2004:

1) MOBL: 33,000 shares Valued at $7,128.00 (December ’04 Closing Price: $0.216¢)

2) PPHM: 4500 shares Valued at $5,265.00 (December ’04 Closing Price: $1.17)

3) BIPH: 4000 shares Valued at $5,040.00 (December ’04 Closing Price: $1.26¢)

4) EMA: 3577shares Valued at $4,256.63 (December ’04 Closing Price: $1.19)

5) LPLHB: 8807 shares Valued at $2,281.01 (December ’04 Closing Price: $0.259¢)

6) FRCP: 6000 shares Valued at $1,668.00 (December ’04 Closing Price: $0.278¢)

7) ALAN: 1,400 shares Valued at $1,386.00 (December ’04 Closing Price: $0.99)

8) DLGI: 1000 shares Valued at $570.00 (December ’04 Closing Price: $0.57¢)

9) ONEV: 7,948 shares Valued at $492.78 (December ’04 Closing Price: $0.062)

10) MXDY: 4,650 shares Valued at $144.15 (December ’04 Closing Price: $0.031)

11) CYAN: 100 shares Valued at $144.00 (December ’04 Closing Price: $1.44)

12) ADVR: 1000 shares Valued at $142.00 (December ’04 Closing Price: $0.142¢)

13) FLCR: 1,000 shares Valued at $75.00 (December ’04 Closing Price: $0.075¢)

14) $Cash$ on December 2004: $00.00

The current holding(s) as a percentage of the CFDTDF Fund's present Net Asset Value (NAV) is as follows:

1) MOBL= 24.93%

2) PPHM = 18.41%

3) BIPH = 17.63%

4) EMA = 14.89%

5) LPLHB = 7.98%

6) FRCP = 5.83%

7) ALAN = 4.85%

8) DLGI = 2.00%

9) ONEV= 1.72%

10) MXDY = 0.50%

11) CYAN= 0.50%

12) ADVR= 0.50%

13) FLCR = 0.26%

14) $Cash$: 00.00%

The Current NAV of the Fund is $ 28,592.57

To date, the total percentage of the NAV invested: 100%.

Present cash position of the Fund: $00.00

Cash Available to Purchase: $00.00

Final Thoughts: Looking back at the year past, I am quite pleased with
the performance of the CFDTD Fund. Beating the benchmark S&P 500 Index
by a 3X margin is a decent beginning. Going forward, I am quite bullish about
the Fund’s investments in 2005 and am confident that these investments will
surprise many of the skeptics…Even though the Fund was, at one time, up over
100%, but was unable to sustain that price appreciation. Of course, in hind sight,
I should have sold most of my big gainers at their peak(s)…but then that will be
Monday Morning Investing, while my Fund is all about REAL investments.
However, for 2005, my goal for this Fund is to not only achieve its former fleeting
glory of triple digit gains, but hopefully, this time around, be able to sustain those

Let us see how this New Year unfolds…


P.S. I have tried my very best to ensure accurate data in the above Report, but in my
rush to complete it by the arbitrary deadline that I had set for today, some minor errors
may have slipped through my “fact check” process. If anyone of you notices any such
error(s), kindly bring it to my attention…Thanks!

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