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Wednesday, December 15, 2004 7:10:59 PM

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LOL- Hey, I was almost there once, Then I learn how much fun I was having playing the stock market <g>.

Since I mentioned the book- FWIW, I'll share my notes from the seminar.

Trading on target by Adrienne Toghraie

Her work focuses on mentoring at a psycological level. I found her to be very good at explaining the element of balance when you "work" at the trading game. She has 8 books out and I plan to buy "Trader's Secrets" next time I get to the book store.

Element of balance- need to center in and focus on information. Understand and interpret what you see. Learn to transfer your training (knowledge) to focus on trading.

Make sure you have the right psychologygoing into the trade. Follow your rules and leave emotion at the door. You cannot have trading balance and focus if the cat is crying in the background.

Find a special ingreident in your trading receipe for success. Everyone makes mistakes- learn from it. Don't dwell on the negative aspects of the mistake. If 3M did- we would not have Post Notes <g>.

Find a way to improve on a strategy or Idea. When you focus on a shooting target- focus on the center of the bulleye- not the center of the target.

Common resources in successful traders:
A desire to learn, most are self taught, they read a lot, look inward for self-growth, and tend to model the best

Common qualities:
Movivated, persistant, flexible, and goal-oriented. Also most are very disiplined and display competitiveness.

One of the most impoertant things for success is spiritual development. Tune-in to your ineer self and find peace. If you are comfortable with yourself, you can focus on the art of trading.

Sometimes liability type resources can be a good thing. Ever been called obsessive complusive? Tenacity and persistance goes along with that label. Again, don't let negatives force you to lose your balance. If you do, you will most likely stumble- and that could effect your trading.

Find good positive anchors. You cannot be successful unles you have them. If your spouse tells you to get a real job because he/she doesn't understand what you are doing in the market, most likely that will be a distraction, and your trading will suffer. Those that have a good anchor in family, or freinds will be more successful (I hope BTS helps in this area for all of us)

Another key is to have a course of action. Have a business plan, deleop/test the system, keep it simple, coach/mentor the psychologial aspects, make a choice, follow the rules, focus on the goal, affirm success beliefs, develop intution, and chart it.

One other key aspect she touched on was prosperity consicousness. Learn to give something back to society. This will be the greatest reward for you.

The rest of my experience is at this message.

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