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some iBox sections of mine:

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bartermania   Saturday, 09/26/09 09:32:17 PM
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some iBox sections of mine:

okay so, the banksters' financial dictatorship continues to strengthen. that's not all that's wrong with this world imo. so many things are changing and changing rapidly away from the way they have been/the way they naturally developed here (for the most part or to some degree...humanity changes-regulates-modifies itself). i will not claim it's a completely planned outcome, although because of the power now concentrated within the secretive elite structures i do believe it is (to a very high degree) possible. among many other things that continue to bother me to no end it seems about this world are the following: this planet is being estrogenized into just one sex (maybe sexuality - the sex-drive - the libido - hormones and so on & all are actually being eliminated completely by design. eliminating forever-?- the ability to reproduce as we naturally developed/or as some might say: how we were originally created-came into being. -- point of consciousness w/ language-memory-a sense of human individuality-the tribe/others and a sense of/the experience of past-present-future beginning in some sense-form-way. editted 5-23-09 n/b/k). i used to call it the "gay planet syndrome". although demasculinization of males is occurring (testosterone is being eliminated) from greatly elevated and increased levels of environmental estrogen in the so called "first world" (perfumes, fertilizers, plastics, birth control pills and so on....)...what is also occurring (this must be seen as an all-encompassing-unified-radiative trend) is that the real trend is obviously to and toward a one sex species...ie. all female (maybe it's actually toward a non-sexual transhuman - post human - non-human state-goal-product-result. no matter - i am not for it. editted: 5-23-09 n/b/k). my mind conceives of massive species change (it's occurring right now hormonally) with a temporary result being a largely impotent once male population (spectrum/range) and with the female to hyper-female remainder (now as some have claimed) requiring high-tech to produce anymore life in any form. curious how young women in England are now being encouraged to sterilize themselves and of course "3rd world" women have been force-sterilized in many ways for a long time. the end result does seem to be a massive depopulating of this planet. yeah, and once again species death becomes more likely as ways to create life are stymied and/or eliminated intentionally or not. the facts and evidence remain regardless. this is a world i barely live in (translation: i'm an outsider because i have to be. i cannot stand/tollerate the systems around me. that makes seeing these things easier for me.) anyway, i get older and maybe a bit grumpier but things are moving in directions that do not seem to help my mood nor my mental outlook-perspective on things. - n/b/k 10/4/08

[(6-17-09) editted by n/b/k: psychopathy must be factored very strongly into this entire mix & mess. the traits of the psychopath...those who seek to not care/don't care-seek to have no remorse/have no remorse-seek to have no conscience/have no conscience and so on.] --- excuse me if i unduly offend and/or shock anyone, but i must speak to the truth of things as i see/believe and conceive it: ie in this case/instance i am referring to the transgenerational gay-male secret cults of death that are now to a very high degree controlling this earth and reality for their own plans, benefit and glory only. much of what follows below on this webpage header is i strongly i believe their fault. this/ie. they have become (for lack of better words/terminology) the physical/human embodiment of the "Anti-Life-Equation" (credit goes to Jack Kirby for this A-L-E concept at this point). more later someday perhaps as i continue to consider things, life and seek to find the best way. the best way is not the secretive-hidden-darkness laden-shadow dwelling path of evil over-flowing with destruction corruption and death. it is the path where humanity flourishes. - n/b/k 9/27/08

here's my answer/solution to our currency problems (paper manipulations & machinations around the globe...people are just not ready nor good enough now for paper and electronic crediting systems...especially when the systems themselves are owned and all that is isssued from them is Debt) -> shun all forms of paper money (be wary of the ability of others to manipuate all assets once they have been put up on and in these "owned" markets for any reason...the "owners" will then set about taking them through some form of hidden trickery/sleight of hand/electronic dodge/lie/etc...count on it) and instead accumulate precious metals as assets and to use as "cash/money/currency/barter...whatever" until this corrupt shitstorm crackpot system and the shits & shills who created it are undone. their system must be removed and replaced with one that most people can understand...and certainly never again one that can be manipulated to destroy the people. it's operations must be public. consider how much gold, silver, platinum and palladium are in existence. by taking physical possession of anyone of these four (and perhaps some other base metals copper and nickel and such) to be used to do business/make our transactions/to barter/to exchange...eventually i think the current completely corrupt leveraged fiat-ass paper-electronic scam system will be forced out of existence. yes, those who believe in the current system will seek to enforce it...but, i see no choice. the path to sane currencies/a sane society/fair-equitable transactions and wealth is through the usage of tangible easily portable metals (coins/bars/and the like)...until we come out of this mess and then can perhaps neaten up the system. currently, the markets are owned...reality is programmed-controlled & manipulated and those creating this gigantic mess do not seem to care about us at all. this i recogize...and so i and "we" must do otherwise and do things better. we must create the world we want to live in. the present one is not acceptable. some apparent facts (w/in reason) -> the total of all gold in bars, coins or jewelry is somewhere around 163,000 tonnes = 5,240,564,100 troy oz. (12oz per lb). all the gold and platinum ever mined would be around 66 cubic feet and 25 cubic feet respectively. annual gold mine production is around 2500 tonnes/yr. around 50% of all gold is in jewelry form. around 6 million new ozs of platinum come to market each year. this is about 5-6% of the amount by weight that comes to market for gold (in general). 50% of all platinum brought to market is used (used up/consumed in a sense) by industry. both silver and palladium also have high general industrial consumption rates (again silver is also lost through oxidation). around 7 million new ozs of palladium come to market each year. yearly silver mine production is around 700 million new ozs per yr. so, it does appear to me that these metals could be effectively used as this world's currencies. people do the work. these metals help represent that. the currency becomes the exchange point...by itself...no work gets done. we value it and we work for it (among many other things/values/beliefs). i'll continue to study these things. i believe that converting this world's fiat currencies into the above mentioned metals is the only likely way and only sane way that we can ever get ourselves out of the current disaster-nightmare-enslavement-killing fields-death camp earth-plantation earth mind-set/reality that we now find ourselves within. more later. this is open to revision...and of course there will be massive accounting issues/problems (people live...governments control and live off of us)...but, oh well...we the people will just have to work them out and learn how to do for ourselves once again. - n/b/k 9-18-08....and fwiw: i think all "shorting" is wrong. it's a tool for destruction and theft. i see no good reason for manipulative systems to exist in any form. yes, i am convinced that certain parts of humanity are insane/predatory/harmful to the rest. this should be minimized (eliminated if possible...yeah i dream)...again, because it's not good. "shorting" takes advantage of several things that it should not...one being that it's easier to destroy things (in general in this world) than it is to create them. this is not acceptable. destruction and creation are not equivalent.

9-19-08 update: nationalize the US banking system. turn the banks into actual vaults for the people from which they can carry-out their checking & credit-debit card transactions as before [the metals and other tangible assets (diamonds and such perhaps can be included as well. focus on the small, non-perishable and high value things) and their assessed value (which changes as the commodities do) do not have to move among the banks...it's a national crediting system. what changes is one's own account balance]. perhaps, the national gov. itself as well as the state gov.'s can issue paper "money"/credit to fund what they do. this must be tightly scrutinized and well regulated. all must be public or it will not work once again. this creates new portable credit for the system in two ways (perhaps states use the same note design as at the hational level but add the state seal)...and what is issued is the budget. it will not be created as debt and so it will remain with the people and become part of their personal wealth. if taxes are to be collected folks should seek to pay them with the paper money only. this creates a positive feedback loop within the system. people must take an interest in their systems otherwise they will somehow become owned/slaves once again (this seems to be a far too common occurance/a constant battle...ie. humanity trying to keep from destroying-preying upon itself-trying to remain sane, lively, healthy and flourish). financing things is trickier but, that is something that must be worked out among the parties involved. eliminate the inheritance tax? well, when the system becomes a decent and fair one...perhaps. find the best way...discuss things.

::: - Love Good ... the Individual is Sacred ... the choice is yours ... this is your life ... live it well - n/b/k
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