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Communicating with iHub Admins

It's highly recommended that Users add The Question and Answer Board to the list of Favorites and follow the discussion here. If you subscribe to ADVFN products then following ADVFN Support Board should be beneficial. In addition to Site Admins, there are many knowledgeable & helpful Members who offer timely answers to questions that Users and Moderators have about the site.

Private Messages sent to iHAdmin appear in all Site Admins inboxes. This allows the first available Admin to assist you. Choosing this route (instead of PMs to specific Admins) will likely elicit a more timely response as each Admin does not work 24/7. Please include related links to expedite this process further. Your PMs to IH Admin will eventually appear in your Outbox as having been sent to the Admin who actually handled it, or in some cases the Admin to whom it has been specifically redirected for disposition. That way any further discussion of that particular matter can be directed to the Admin who originally handled it.

The Report TOS Violation link found on every public post is another way of communicating with Site Admins. Clicking this link will provide a form for the member to advise Site Admins of alleged violations of the Terms of Use. In addition to a list of possible violation times, a comment section is provided that can be used to address your concerns with the specific post, or Member if appropriate. Indicating in the comments that you are a Moderator on the board is also very helpful.

And, of course, you may send us a private message. Please see the Site Admins page to understand the different roles and who can best help you with your situation. If you choose to send a private message, please make sure you include links. If Admins have to search for what you're talking about it is very time consuming and slows the entire process. Many times if a PM is received without links you'll receive a reply asking for them.

How to include links in posts and PMs:

Go to the top of your screen where you see "address". Highlight (hold the left mouse button down as you move your cursor across the text) the entire line beginning with "http". Right click and move the arrow down to "copy". Then place your cursor where you want this information to be copied, right click and select "paste" and Voila!

As described above, iHub provides numerous means for Members to contact site Admins and support staff both privately and in designated public forums. In addition to your communications regarding specific support issues, we routinely solicit Member feedback on site design, functionality, and operating policies and procedures. We encourage and welcome constructive input from our user community and routinely implement changes suggested by Members. However; we do not welcome disruptive or non-constructive communications, or attacks on iHub itself or our staff. Persons who find themselves unable to refrain from attacking iHub and/or its staff, including but not limited to 1) threats of reporting us to [insert list of the usual "name dropped" agencies here], 2) threats of litigation, 3) promises of ensuring our demise, 4) accusations of criminality, conspiracy, or any other alleged violation of law, or 5) vulgar or abusive PMs, should avail themselves of their prerogative to cease using the site immediately as we have no interest in hearing it. Those unwilling or unable to respect those guidelines will be asked to refrain and, failing that, will be shown to the exit.

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