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Saturday, 11/08/2008 12:55:48 PM

Saturday, November 08, 2008 12:55:48 PM

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*** Interesting Email about WC!

From an E-Mail to Eric:

Hi again Eric...

First off ,thanks for you and your teams hardwork and tremendous progress... its very exciting to watch!! I know you are extremely busy and you definately don't have to take anytime to reply.. I just wanted to share an idea that I have had for a while but thought it may have already crossed your minds or that it didnt have wide enough marketability so didn't share it until now. But, recently.. with the number of foreclosures increasing ..more abandoned houses are getting vandelized and this may be another one of the many possible small areas to market this product....if winning colours stain remover does an exceptional job at removing spray paint may want to target city, county offices or community agencies that help to clean up graffiti/spray paint vandalism ...maybe they can somehow attach a mixing container to a hose that can shoot a powerful blast of winning colours and water onto the spray painted areas for easy eco-friendly clean-up. Just a thought.

Thanks again,

Mr. X

From: Eric Lehner

Hello again Mr.X –

Thank you for taking the time to share your idea below. We have recently commenced an advertising campaign to the Paint Sector professionals in the USA, also including a publication targeting contractors; professionals that would be hired by governments of various jurisdictions to perform such work. The goal is that by the end of 2009 virtually the entire U.S. paint “profession” will know about us. Those professionals can then apply their first hand experience of Winning Colours Stain Remover to settings where they feel it will be most effective. When graffiti is applied to porous surfaces, the cleaning becomes not just a matter of dissolving the paint, but the getting it out of the thousands (millions) of little pockets where it is trapped. Therefore at this stage, smooth walled utility and postal boxes are the preferred starting point. The additional reason for this is that such structures are not usually painted over, whereas building walls and freight cars are.

For your interest, I have attached a sequence of photos that I took during a trial that I conducted myself. I usually drive a vehicle with company markings and occasionally pull over and start cleaning an article of public property to add to our first hand experience in real settings. You will note from the photos below that the only “tool” used was a scouring sponge and warm water (because it was winter), plus effort of course. No gloves were required. Unskilled labour will suffice. No technical knowledge is required.

Your continued interest in Winning Brands Corporation is very much appreciated by us in the company! I will share these photos with some additional associates and forum moderators because they will be of general interest.


Eric Lehner, CEO

Winning Brands Group