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Thursday, July 17, 2008 10:05:06 AM

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In two months the Iraqi Dinar will go international???
I don't make it a habit to post in the speculation section, but I found a curious comment on another forum (not a dinar forum) that I found interesting. The poster was listing all the good things that have taken place since the surge. He listed fact after fact then made the dinar comment like it was fact also. I thought I would post it to get thoughts on it. Again bear in mind this did not come from a dinar site, his post was more for congratulating Bush for the surge success, on an election forum. He is so informed about Iraqi news it does make me wonder if he is a dinar holder though.

By: Darkrepublican

Since the surge has taken place all sorts of good things have happened in Iraq.. The United Arab Emirates have forgiven 7 ½ billion dollars of Iraqi debt. This is a huge development. Not only do the seven sovereign countries of the UAE acknowledge Iraq as a country on the way of healing but forgiving this debt is like giving the country a loan. The Iraqi government is up and running more efficient than the Democrats running our Congress. On top of moving to transfer the oil wealth to its citizens in a program that rivals how the State of Alaska distributes its wealth, it has proposed to use its oil wealth to send 10,000 high school students to study abroad. This is how the tiny country of Great Britain controlled the whole world at one time. Candidates will be selected by their grades not by sect. This is huge as it points to a situation that will be ruled by progress instead of family position.
Last week the Iraqi Prime Minister proclaimed that terrorism has been defeated. The number of foreign fighters killed of captured have dwindled down from 120 per month to just 20. The Iraqi citizenry, feeling comfortable with their army, is leading their soldiers to the bad guys. The Bagdad Airport has purchased four new Boeing 747 jets to revive a cornerstone of their economy that was the jewel of the Arab world. The last of the 550 metric tons of yellowcake uranium purchased from Africa to form the crust of the nuclear program under Saddam has been transferred to the Savannah River plant for safekeeping. From there the uranium will be sold to Canada to make electricity…Three U.S. brigades have been released because of the reduced violence. 15 of the 18 Benchmarks have been met. The Iraqi government has put in an order of 1.8 billion dollars of weapons from factories in the United States. The Iraqi government has issued no bid contracts to Exxon, Chevron, BP and Shell to upgrade their oil fields with a target to raise their production from 2.5 mil bbl to 4.5 mil bbl. Because of the high price of oil the Iraqi government has put in huge orders of durable goods from American companies and has promised to help us by not only increasing the oil on the international markets, but to dispatch direct shipments to us, bringing down the price. In two months the Iraqi Dinar will go international competing with the Euro, Yen, and other currency, credit cards and personal checks are to be issued as electronic money transfers take hold. The Iraqi stock market up since last year is offering it stock to its citizens and personal investments have increased…..

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