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Controversial draft law on Iraqi oil and gas
Fri Jul 11, 2008 3:09 am

Controversial draft law on Iraqi oil and gas

The seminar: Mohamed Abdel-Azim

Guest seminar: Ali Hassan Blue / Chairman of the Committee on the oil and gas in Iraqi parliament

The scene / oil expert

Date Seminar: 6/7/2008

The draft law of oil and gas new and planned endorsement after endorsement of the Parliament over the items, the difference mainly on the three supplements that have detailed regulations for the Law of the oil, gas and came to focus on The issue of investments that will be given to foreign firms and the issue of private Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq to grant this kind of investment and signing oil contracts without reference to the central government in Baghdad, but the main obstacle that stands in the way of exporting oil from the Kurdistan region is the work of transporting oil as the sole access Of the oil region is the Turkish port of Ceyhan, which makes the administration of the territory under Turkish pressure no agreement yet on the descent to be submitted by Baghdad to the Government of the Territory of oil revenues, is still ongoing controversy between the parties about the eligibility of each contract in the oil deals in private, and there are dissenting opinions believes that the timing was not the law serves the interests of Iraqis, especially as the country is suffering Under the weight of the occupation, which controls the joints Iraqi economy. The increased concern at the grassroots level in Iraq following the decision of the Iraqi Oil Ministry to allow 41 foreign companies investing in six oil fields in various regions of Iraq under the pretext of lifting production rate to one and a half million barrels a day, the new law gives the right for foreign companies to invest in accordance with the profit-sharing system, production and achieve this As the economists say the interest of those companies at the expense of the interests of the countries and peoples.

After that we have highlighted on the latest developments on the law of oil and gas begin with you from Baghdad, Dr. Blue this law is more than a year in Iraqi parliament Of controversy and debate has not been ratified so far, why?

Ali Hussein I would like to clarify that the law of oil and gas had been received after the Iraqi parliament to debate until it was delayed while the law in the corridors of government and the Iraqi Oil Ministry so far has not received a copy Of the draft law certified by the cabinet so that we in the House of Representatives and discussed the Iraqi offer to a vote.

Abdel-Azim: How good Doctor talks if Iraqi Oil Minister to give contracts to certain companies for exploration and development? There are six companies assumed that there is now discussion and negotiations with them, how the negotiations take place and the law has not been originally presented to the parliament?

Ali Hussein Blue: the truth as I believe I'm in the 7 / 6 rule was oil minister in the Iraqi parliament at a special meeting of the Committee, we raised the oil and gas a detailed report on this subject and we hold the responsibility of the Government and Minister of Petroleum lack of seriousness in the completion of draft Law because the law there is almost a copy agreed since February 2007 but was disagreement on some points, including four appendices attached with the law, was supposed to be avoiding such contentious points as soon as possible because the country, Iraq urgently need this legislation law to regulate and develop oil fields and so can not conclude Decades without the presence of law and a model of contracts can be agreed upon beforehand by the House and by the Iraqi Commission on oil and gas in the House of Representatives of Iraq.
Abdel-Azim:Anyway, if this law was not presented to the parliament, it was reported in the media. I want to hear the opinion of Dr. Ali scene, Dr. what's the problem with this new law? There are many objections raised by a lot of controversy, what are the salient points contained in this Act, which was raised by the controversy?

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, a matter of fact, Professor Abdel-Azim that the draft petroleum law was discussed as also the brother knows discussed before the House and I personally presented a paper at 17 pages in Dubai, to meet with the Chamber of Deputies with the executive government Pena our view that this draft where many obstacles and mines and requires Even examination Monday that the group of experts who put our colleagues on this draft Parings mean criticized the fact and asked for the removal of much of the material and can recall many of these articles of Article 2 and a 4 and Article 5 and Article 6 a b, 8 a, 8 and 9 T. Thus mean so much material that experts say Iraqis put their hands I recommend that this wealth depleted by the King of the Iraqis and I speak not fervent mind, but I hope that this consultation heard ruler and the ruled, treasure the nation's wealth among Iraqis now many possibilities now there is controversy there is no rule of non-parties ..

(Hashim): Dr. framers of this law said that the objective of this law is to attract large investments of money and will serve the country?

Ok these investments Many Hattha what I treasure exists in my country now found in Iraq mean the minor nominal Iraqis now in Iraqi funds, whether or existing international officials in the legislative and executive authority and I when he addressed representatives of the people are good when they bore the responsibility that these funds now invested in services In establishing security leave this treasure is now in order not to go and burn because they depleted the wealth of what we have a lot of money, but create the environment required for the disbursement of funds, which in their hands and not Sttbdhir this wealth and this wealth I speak on a friendly level Iraq and the level of Oil Exporting Countries but kept in the theatre When we say the Iraqi northern Iraq, say central Iraq and southern Iraq in order to increase the pockets of mercy for its people and for yourselves and wealth management because the wealth of human and natural wealth and then controlling spending ways are the objectives of the draft law, how to preserve this wealth? Now that I am recommending an oil knowledgeable in this matter and heard from in Iraq and outside Iraq who now hold the decision to use the power of wealth survey for the giant fields to conduct measurements on wells to provide petroleum products for the Iraqi people, leaving export-General of the money we have enough Iraqis , Use this word and deed, saying that oil is the property of Iraqis, Bush said, dismissing the Muslim Brotherhood, as they say in the Constitution and the House of Representatives and approved by God acetic Iraqis benefit from this ..

(Hashim): Dr. mean if allowed to hear the opinion of Dr. Blue at this point, Dr. listened to what Dr. scenery, the current government The new law would give foreign firms the right of the Iraqi funds?
work shop 2007 For what prefer Dr mean there was a seminar or work shop, as they say in Dubai in April 2007 on the draft law and was attended by a group of Iraqi experts and professionals to discuss the content of the draft law But the law did not come formally to the House of Representatives Iraqi Here I am responsible for the oil, gas and natural wealth in the Iraqi parliament say very clearly, we have not received an official copy ..

(Hashim): I mean, why wait until the government presents to parliament this law? Is waiting to be consensus and Parliament gives legitimacy only?

Ali Hussein waiting to resolve differences within the cabinet and the Ministry of Oil and not delay the bill in the House of Representatives and the Iraqi letter as my professor, Dr. take on the political side takes a more technical aspect of the draft Law and legislation in the field of law serves the oil because the Iraqi people without law and the entire oil and gas will probably be no misconduct or failure to set limits on the disposal of experts or politicians to behave in this great treasure, Iraq's economy, which depends more than 90% of it, so I say that the acceleration in Legislation Law of the oil and gas very necessary and delayed impact negatively on the Iraqi economy, we in the oil and gas legislation with the law as soon as possible not imagine delaying serve any person or any individual in Iraqi society.

Dr. Overall this law mean when a lot of points that he fears them Iraqis and experts that money goes to non-Iraqis Iraqis. We will complete more talk on this subject, but after that we stopped short, Dear viewers kept us after this short break.

Welcome Dear viewers once again with us in the Iraqi scene in this episode that we are talking about the law of oil and gas. Ensure the proposed text of the law of oil and gas several new articles raised the rancor of many experts and politicians Moscow Iraqis although as indicated by some of the fears that may be true in secret supplements that may be followed Adoption of this law. The urgency of follow some of the salient points in the law of oil and gas.

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