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MP's demand oil law speed up of oil and gas law to House of Reps

Asked parliamentarians from different blocks for oil and gas committee in the House of Representatives to speed up the extradition of Parliament amended version of the draft law of oil and gas. Explaining that the draft presented to member contradiction with the constitutional texts in addition to that there are three copies submitted to Parliament to correspond with each other.

The deputy said Abbas Al-Bayati: There is a tendency to adopt the draft law of oil and gas that were raised in February last month and will be the foundation and will open to opinions and observations of the masses for their opinion on the creation of political consensus of all parliamentary blocs, adding that have been sent a copy of the Code of oil and gas to the state council The Board registration (13) points to this law, but these points rejected by some of the bloc must find a compromise that has been the law to be final and without taking observations from any bloc, pointing out that we are looking forward to initiate this law before the Constitutional holiday Because we were able to settle all contentious points, and we have no objection to the version presented at Chehrchaabat If put to the vote we will vote them.

For his part, member of the Committee of gas and oil MP Abdullah Iskandar Al-Juburi, there are three versions, including a proposed law department of the executive and a section of which it supplements and others are not, and supplements that are not adopting any copy so far there is no political consensus by the parliament blocs are , And there is a problem between the authority of the Kurdistan region and the current government on contracts and exceeded the powers, where've determined to stop all drafts to be amended after consensus from all the blocs, adding that after sending copy to the legal committee and then sent to parliament for debate and voting, saying that this Law concerns all the sons of the Iraqi people, as it defined that all companies are trying to obtain material profit and other concessions There is also a parliamentary bloc against this law and I think that if this law came formula participate in the contracts it will will not succeed.

Shows the deputy Noureddine life: that the draft law of oil and gas wrote in February 2007 and arrived copy of it to the House of Representatives unofficially, then signed a number of ministers but it has not been adopted, at the date of the third month of July last year we received a copy of the second This draft law, but without the four supplements have been challenged by the Commission on oil and gas, and X of the same month reached the third version, which supplements the four but they differ in terms of language and a certified copy No way. He added that the Commission on oil and gas have reservations about the latest version because it calls for providing Projects and laws among the four and one for study and report on a draft Law on the Ministry of Oil and bill of fiscal revenue and royalties that come from oil and the national oil bill and the bill of oil and gas as well as resolving differences between the central government and the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq on contracts entered into by the Government of the territory without coordinating with The Ministry of Oil and adopted by the contracts involved in production and this controversial among a large number of deputies and parliamentary blocs, pointing to the difficulty of this debate only after the four bills that have not submitted so far. Meanwhile, Abd El overlooking Nation: The law of oil and gas contains very important questions need to be a quick solution for example the issue of entry of investment companies and investment system would be a partnership based on the companies or services and development fields should be any short-term work is necessary to determine the duration of survival in Iraq and also the issue of the powers of the centre and regions and imports oil from his deputy, Abdul Hadi ABOLHASSANI: The oil and gas law is long overdue and discussed in the corridors of the House of Representatives for several times and the reason is because the current constitution is not clear in its terms to learn from the first authority owns Is the Federal Government or Governments of the Territories.

The MP Salim al-Juburi the absence of a draft special law of oil and gas could then stand to determine whether valid, adding that the parliament to shoulder any responsibility for this law, and the day when the government gives us one copy can identify points of agreement and disagreement but that it gives the government Three copies This is surprising, since all the deputies waiting for the version that will determine our positions and it was important to finish the points of the oil and gas to come back to this law


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