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One users experience that has come to know

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One users experience that has come to know this site.

I came here after the board we use to post on got inundated with garbage. I was signed up by one of the admins of the NVEI board, and then told how to get there. My first visit I found to be a little aggrivating to find my board.

Oh boy, lets learn some new software! Now yall asked for this and I hope you don't just write my experience off as, "well this guy doesn't understand how we got this thing," cause I'm joe consumer, I know just enought html to do my own personal page from scratch, I've used the internet for about 6 years and I would consider myself just a notch above average when it comes to figuring things out.

I don't mean that in a personal sense but as feedback from my experience on the site. I was almost dragged here. I use to participate in chat rooms when I used AOL years ago. I went through stages. First it was only the chat rooms. Man that was neat. Chat rooms can be brutal for slow typers and new people. They'll pass you by in a heartbeat.

Then after about a year or two, I got more into exploring the web. Chat was old hat and they most of the time run their course as someone will say something that may offend another or say something not knowing they offended anyone, or they would do nothing but offend everyone.

It got to a point where chat was a waste of time and you had to remain popular and type a mile a minute to even get popular. No quick witt? Couldn't get it out in time? Or someone beat you to it. After a few years of that I got interested in how did they do that web page and took a class in html. Now I'm dangerous.

I play with code and build a few pages, at a slower rate than most because I could and I am. Then I got interested in the market. No more chat rooms, message boards was the way to go. Raging Bull and Etrade........I'm gonna get rich. Ha...he.... ha.

I started posting eventually after being a lurker for about 6 months. Too shy, didn't want to say the wrong thing, didn't want to hurt any feeling and sure as hell didn't want mine hurt. Then that fateful day came when someone said that certain
some thing that caused me to register and make a comment. Boy was I proud of myself.

After a few weeks getting to know the people and they me, I had a new way to go. I was gonna be the most pleasant person on the net to take up a keyboard. And hey, I could strut my personal page that was now 2 years old (and now 5 years old. I take that
back. I just cancelled my proxy AOL connection in late Jan and now they're gone.)

Like I was saying, what the hell was I saying..oh yeah, Raging Bull, favorite stock, talk and learn. A year and a half almost two and now its time for another change. "Come to this board and post here and join us in chat," they said. Ok Ok OK. I'm hating this rb now for sure after the format change.

So I get here and fumble around to find NVEI chat. Pretty cool once I got there. Brings back memories from the ole AOL days....hummm is this gonna last. At first it was straight to chat, no post and out. Back to chat, no post and out. After about two or three months, I tired of chat and the personality it took on.

When something didn't go right with the stock, a few of the people you thought you knew pretty good go to whining. UT OH. Memories...... I've seen this movie. I boldly call someone an asshole and don't go to chat for a month. Back to rb, for the most part cause there wasn't much posting to read.

Everyone was in chat and the need for post just wasn't there. Mostly because there was nothing to post (this is important to the survey team). If our company had put out any info, I'm sure there would have been three to four times the post. Consisting of the information that was put out and then the pros and cons.

But absolutely nothing came from the company so here we were. Two months three months four months. All there was was chat to stay in touch daily with everyone. I personally started posting a little as I was totally disgusted with raging cess pool by now.

The no news climate over there was viral. Nothing but daytraders caught with their pants down crying for mama. And the language....shit! It was just terrible thats all I can say.
Early January I start posting even more here. I start exploring the site. Heck....look at all these boards and topics. And some not being used. Some having one post.

Found the bar and liked it ok. Found it to be a little exclusive and not enough people that wanted to get to know one another. As a matter of fact, a few drink recipes were posted and was recieved by a few tee totalers as a bad lifestyle. Some bar. Now thats out. For the most part.

So then I started searching the site again and found the Home improvement board. So far that is the most favorable board other than my stock board that I've found that its evident that people really mind how they post. Ideas are presented and recieved well and so far not one asshole. And each new person gets a welcome greeting.

I found the law enforcement board and find that really interesting and have yet to come up to speed on that one. Looking forward to it though. I need to back up to mention the jailhouse which I like and think is neat.

The test board for practicing a few things. The computer learning I've visited and liked. And now most recently Excel's coffee shop. Thats gonna be a hit. I think we could close down the other bar if he was to rename it Excel's coffee shop, bar & grill, and barber shop.

I've wanted to see a board that talks about movies. I'd also like to see something like a flea market (even post small picture of the item for sell. Members take it upon themselves to wheel and deal and buyer beware as to keep management out of it, problem wise.

Chat. In my opinion, chat will not last or take up much space in comparrison to other boards that are to come if you continue opening these boards to other ideas. Chat imo would be novel for a little while, but will fall second to the boards eventually as each member runs through his or her metamorphose chat phase.

Wheather or not the chat is affordable to get to the greater end is something that might take longer to find out than is affordable. I think it will wind up being about a quarter of
the total package draw when things eventually balance out.

Will chat be the draw to increase the number of boards eventually? Myself, its nice to have chat to go to on rainy days like going to shoot pool during the day when its raining
outside and your suppose to be at work.

I think the home page needs to be redone fast. Considering everything you feature reachable from the home page and tree out. Weed out the dead wood boards. Then add a small personal ibox for after a member joins to put his favorite boards and rooms links on.

A list of say 10 or 15 clickable links that are his/hers exclusively as they learn the different areas. I'm only talking 5% or less of the home page.

Turn on the computer, go to ihub, my links are right there in the corner and here we go, stop by the coffee shop/bar/barber shop, pull up my favorite stock board, check for any increased
action.....look to see who's in chat.

Maybe drop in if someone is there I want to talk to. Maybe not...Maybe I'll just pm em instead. Read my board, state my opinion, split screen with etrade, the message board, email and chat. Count the money, or learn how to be a tax expert in capital losses. What was the question again?


Feedback to my feedback is not necessary from other members. Ideas just tossed out there. If I was of any help, I'm glad. If not....you asked? LOL

One more last thing for now. Our own personal exclusive charactercure that we may present for approval.

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