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Saturday, 08/25/2007 1:01:24 PM

Saturday, August 25, 2007 1:01:24 PM

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RSDS old Vanadium - Uranium mines etc. -

Spring 2005 saw vanadium prices rise to all-time record
levels -

The outlook for vanadium consumption through 2010 -
appears optimistic.

World consumption may show short-term fluctuations
in line with steel production, but is forecast
to show underlying growth of 5-6%py to reach 118,600t
V2O5 equivalent in 2010.

High-strength steels will continue to provide
the main area of growth as increasing emphasis
is placed on life-cycle costs in the construction industry,
on reducing weight and improving fuel efficiency
in the transport industry,
and on the use of higher-performance materials -
to withstand aggressive environments -
in the oil and gas industry.

One change in structure of the vanadium industry in 2006/7
was the acquisition by Evraz Group of a 73% stake in
Strategic Minerals of the USA,
and of a 79% stake in Highveld Steel and Vanadium
of South Africa.

Following a competition enquiry by the EU commission,
Evraz agreed to divest an equity interest in
Highveld's vanadium mining and processing operations,
while retaining an interest in vanadium steel slag.

Vanadium published 27/02/2007

World vanadium demand is estimated to have risen
by over 8% in 2006 -

We're on the verge of the world's last energy bull market -

And just as uranium's momentum seemed to peak . . . .

Last October, disaster struck at one of the world's -
largest uranium mines--Cameco's Cigar Lake project -

The underground uranium mine was completely flooded . . .
and Cameco was forced to cease all production -

This mine had been expected to supply 17% of the world's - uranium demand.

While Cameco hopes to resume production at Cigar Lake again -
in 2010, the outlook is grim -

They're having a serious problem repairing the damage -
and may have lost the mine completely -

Fact is, uranium production today is so tight -
it can only satisfy 60% of global demand ---->>
with no relief in sight -

This shortage has propelled uranium prices to $105/lb . . . .
jumping 575% in just two years -

In the wake of "yellowcake" uranium's dramatic rise -
a multitude of uranium companies were started -

But most of these companies don't even plan -
to bring their mines into production . . . .
and are doomed to fail -
ex. without mill close to the mines . . . .

Yet here's the rub for investors . . . a few small -
uranium companies are on their way to -
LT triple-digit gains . . . .

One pound of uranium yields as much energy -
as three million pounds of coal -

There are 440 commercial nuclear power reactors -
operating in 31 countries -

56 countries operate more than 280 research reactors -

Over 200 are used for naval propulsion -

They supply 16% of the world's electricity -
as base-load power, and their efficiency -
is increasing -

RSDS - uranium & vanadium old mines -

undervalued - oversold ? -

RSDS with a maket capitalization value of -
$0.0006 x 4,297,825,994 = appr. fiatz $2.6 million
in market capitalization value -

RSDS market cap. value -
$0.0004 x 4.3bil. = appr. fiatz$1.72 mil. -

RSDS basherz please, try hard to find me another uranium and
vanadium comp. with old mines within trucking
distance to the only mill in US -
RSDS - for a better strategic bottom fishing bargain -

with a maket cap. value of
$0.0003 x 4,297,825,994 = appr. fiatz $1.3 million
in market capitalization value -
bargain - please try to show any other stock -
with more value -
for a lower price? -

RSDS is low priced compared to what the real values of -
the uranium, vanadium, oil and gas etc.

fwiw -
make sure to do your own dd....
dd....RSDS Website under construction:

it doesn't matter how good progress a company performing -
it will always in all countries be -
666 bolshevikz making -
rare communistic demands and negativity -
all since stalin, trotsky, lenin, marxist anti-Christian time....
Imo. Tia.

God Bless

- in concert with the acquisition of past producing
uranium and vanadium mines that can be brought back
into production in the near term with low
capital expenditure --

All of the mines currently owned or in the South Utah area -
are within economic haul distances of White Mesa Mill
in Blanding, Utah --

The white Mesa Uranium Mill -

is currently the only operating Uranium mill -
in the United States –-