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Missing Gold ($650million) - A King's Ransom in Precious Metals - Seems to Have Disappeared? -

This image is found on the website companion for
the television documentary America Rebuilds under the
section Uncovering Property.

The page, entitled A Treasure in Silver and Gold, describes
the vault as two levels of 3,000 square feet each.

See the source for the full-sized image.
The page credits images to
Leslie E. Robertson and Associates.

The basement of 4 World Trade Center housed vaults
used to store gold and silver bullion.

Published articles about precious metals recovered
from the World Trade Center ruins in the aftermath
of the attack mention less than $300 million worth
of gold.

All such reports appear to refer to a removal operation conducted in late October of 2001.
On Nov. 1, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani announced that
"more than $230 million" worth of gold and silver bars
that had been stored in a bomb-proof vault
had been recovered.

A New York Times article contained:
Two Brinks trucks were at ground zero on Wednesday
to start hauling away the $200 million in gold and silver
that the Bank of Nova Scotia had stored in a vault
under the trade center ...
A team of 30 firefighters and police officers are helping
to move the metals, a task that can be measured
practically down to the flake but that has been rounded
off at 379,036 ounces of gold and 29,942,619 ounces of
silver .. 1

Reports describing the contents of the vaults before
the attack suggest that nearly $1 billion in precious
metals was stored in the vaults.

A figure of $650 million in a National Real Estate
Investor article published after the attack is
apparently based on pre-attack reports.

Unknown to most people at the time, $650 million in gold
and silver was being kept in a special vault four
floors beneath Four World Trade Center. 2

An article in the TimesOnline gives the following rundown
of precious metals that were being stored in
the WTC vault belonging to Comex. 3

* Comex metals trading - 3,800 gold bars
weighing 12 tonnes and worth more than $100 million

* Comex clients - 800,000 ounces of gold with a value
of about $220 million

* Comex clients - 102 million ounces of silver,
worth $430 million

* Bank of Nova Scotia - $200 million of gold

The TimesOnline article is not clear as to whether
the $200 million in gold reported by
the Bank of Nova Scotia was part of the $220 million
in gold held by Comex for clients.

If so, the total is $750 million; otherwise $950 million.

There appear to be no reports of precious metals discovered
between November of 2001 and the completion of excavation
several months later.

Assuming that the above reports described the value
of precious metals in the vaulst before the attack,
and that the $230 million mentioned by Giuliani
represented the approxmiate value of metals recovered,
it would seem that at least the better part of a billion
dollars worth of precious metals went missing.
(It is not plausible, of course, that whatever destroyed
the towers vaporized gold and silver, which are dense,
inert metals that are extremely unlikely to participate
in chemical reactions with other materials.)

An article in The Sierra Times suggests that gold was
recovered from two trucks in a tunnel under 5 World
Trade Center, giving rise to suspicions that
the trucks were being used to remove the gold from
the vaults before the South Tower fell. 4

However, this report may have been based on an
erroneous reading of other reports that describe
the removal of crushed vehicles from a tunnel
under 5 WTC in order to gain access to the vaults
under 4 WTC to remove their contents. 5

Why is there this huge discrepancy between the value
of gold and silver reported recovered, and the value
reported to have been stored in the vaults?

There are a number of possible explanations, from
outright theft using the attack as cover,
to insurance fraud.

Until there is a genuine investigation that probes
all the relevant facts and circumstances surrounding
the attack, we can only speculate.


1. Below Ground Zero, Silver and Gold,
New York Times, 11/1/2001
2. Thanksgiving at Ground Zero, National Real Estate
Investor, [cached]
3. Crushed towers give up cache of gold ingots,
TimesOnline, 11/1/02 [cached]
4. Cache of Gold Found at WTC Two truckloads retrieved
through a tunnel in rubble2, [cached]
5. , Reuters and New York Daily News, [cached]

Martial Law 9/11....Rise of the Police State"

watch the nightmarish full movie here.....
Posted by: roguedolphin thanks -

it was said -

it was a lot of *US GOLD* stored below the World Trade Centre -

what happened to the "GOLD"???

Who was in charge of Security of the World Trade Centre???

The short selling started -
about $6 trillion -
was taken from the IT Hi-Tech industries -
by short selling -
after all the genius CEO's were murdered in -
the 9/11 -
World Trade Centre -


38099902 = GOLD | XCI = Technology Index | 26099400 = Dow Jones Industrial Average

911 Eyewitness -

RE: No building halt' at Ground Zero -

A construction worker on the site of Ground Zero
in New York
Human remains were found
beneath a manhole at the site
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said
construction work will continue at Ground Zero,
despite recent finds of human remains at the site -

He said the discoveries -
which included 18 fragments found on Sunday,
would not halt work at the 9/11 attack site -

Families of more than 1,100 of those who died
have never received any remains of their loved ones -

Have the 666 taken over America? -

is it no respect at all for "Christians" -
888 Society? -

Let me assure you -
that God is with us -
my Pater our God -
who gave us life -
gave us Liberty -
at the same time -

Tribute 911 - thank You -

Don't talk about what you have done -
or what you are going to do -
Liberty is to the collective body -
what health is to every individual body -
Without health no pleasure can be tasted by man -
without liberty -
no happiness can be enjoyed -
by society -

God Bless -

the bottom line -
there really are no words - 666Money and 666Power and 666Sickness and 666Evil and 666 want all the Gold for free?