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Re: ONEBGG post# 12813

Friday, 06/22/2007 12:09:28 AM

Friday, June 22, 2007 12:09:28 AM

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* Posting Sounds

Posting sound is pretty much the same as posting images excepting that you use the iH sound in place of chart: [-sound] & [/sound-].

To post a sound it must first be located (hosted) on the world wide web; most, but not all sounds will ‘remote link’ to iH. To do so you need to use the iH Sound Tool: [-sound] & [/sound-] (without dashes).

Place your mouse over the audio source (url); in Media Player 8 it is on the Now Playing tag in the Playlist, it's green in color, and is located in the upper right hand corner.

Right Click over this and the go to properties.

Copy the url starting after the http:// and beginning with the www, if it there is one; either way start copying the url after the http://.

Place this between the [-sound] & [/sound-] (without dashes).


[Suppressed Sound Link]


NOTE: If you had your Play Embedded Sounds turned on in your iHub Tools you should have heard the music playing when you opened the post. If you had your Play Embedded Sounds turned off, you should see a "[Suppressed Sound]" link right above the sample code.

... Gary